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Adjustable Breakaway Lanyards Great For Kids

Our phones have been ringing off the hook with concerned parents and teachers asking us to recommend the best lanyards for kids. With more and more schools requiring their students to wear ID lanyards than ever before, it can be difficult to judge which lanyard is best for their children from the vast quantity of lanyards available on the market. We sympathize with them, because we know how easy it is to feel you’re in over your heads (no pun intended) when it comes to picking the right lanyards for children to wear.

So we developed a criterion of three important requirements the lanyards we considered needed to satisfy before we could even think about endorsing them with our SPID stamp of approval.

SPID Requirements

  1. Our top choice for kids lanyards had to provide parents and teachers with a product they could absolutely trust was the safest option available for their kids, especially while they played.
  2. It had to be either a cool lanyard or a pretty lanyard that children themselves would actually enjoy wearing.
  3. Because children come in all different sizes, the lanyard needed to have adjustable straps they could grow into.

And we followed these footsteps all the way to our adjustable breakaway lanyards great for kids.

First and foremost, these 3/8″ wide flat lanyards are constructed with an emphasis on safety, without sacrificing performance. Just attach your slot punched ID or ID badge holder onto the lanyard and slip it around your head where it will visibly display your ID. However when you look at all the parts, there’s a consistency of fine details that make these soft kids lanyards our number one recommendation.

One of the main reasons for this is because these are breakaway lanyards for kids. Breakaway lanyards are different than non-breakaway lanyards, because breakaway lanyards have a special safety breakaway feature that will allow the lanyards to snap apart when snagged, snared, or under a bit too much tension. When there’s enough friction being pulled on the lanyard, it will release the loop and fall on the floor. However, after snapping apart the lanyard can be pinched back together again for continued wear. In essence, these lanyards were designed to break apart when asked to do more than carry IDs.

Breakaway lanyards are actually mandatory in most children’s institutions, whether it be school related activities, club meetings, or any other places where children are required to wear a form of identification with a lanyard. To read more about breakaway lanyards vs standard non-breakaway lanyards, check out this article we wrote on the topic to help you understand the different options available to you.

There also aren’t any metal parts on these safe lanyards, which sets this lanyard apart from most lanyards. If people working in security don’t use lanyards with metal parts for safety precaution, it’s probably a good idea that children follow in those same footsteps. out so they don’t have to remove their badge holders when they’re walking through the metal detectors, however, we think its really important that kids wearing lanyards cant hurt themselves on any sharp objects.

The white plastic adjustable straps and wide flat hooks are just strong enough to last through plenty of abuse, but not sharp enough to pierce anybody without coming across as bulky. They can adjust your lanyard from 22 t0 44 inches in length, and will grow with sons and daughters of all ages and sizes. The white plastic also lends a nice accent on the beautiful colors of the lanyards that gives them a playful vibe. The white plastic hooks that carry the ID come with a “no twist” feature that’ll keep them facing front at all times.

Once you get your hands on one of these, you’ll immediately realize how far we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that our kids lanyards haven’t cut any corners when it comes to your child’s safety. We believe that when children use these adjustable lanyards when playing with friends or while learning in the classroom, the odds of them accidentally hurting themselves is reduced in comparison to other lanyards.

And since these school lanyards come in a bunch of cool colors that both boys and girls alike can enjoy, we found the icing on the cake and declared this a perfect union between the ID badge and children. The colors are laser printed on woven soft braided nylon that really stands out with full tones and brightness that can really compliment an outfit.

With 7 different colors available (2137-2033 Navy Blue, 2137-2034 Green, 2137-2035 Orange, 2137-2036 White, 2137-2037 Black, 2137-2038 Royal Blue, 2137-2039 Red), and more to come, it’s our mission to provide all students, boy scouts, club members, and the future of the world with safe lanyards an colors that they can mix and match. Mix and match the colors of these adjustable lanyards to the schools team colors, cub scout flag, or your clothes.

If you have any questions about our adjustable lanyards great for kids, or any other breakaway lanyards in our store, simply leave us a message below and we’ll promptly get back to you.