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4 Types of Tactical ID Badge Holders

There is no doubt that those who work to protect and serve us have the most stressful jobs around. Police officers, paramedics, security officers, and other first responders go above and beyond the call of duty every single day to make sure that society keeps running smoothly and that we all have comfortable and happy lives. Often the individuals have to endure long hours, intense physical demands, and hazardous & harrowing situations. With everything that they have to deal with, keeping up with their all-important ID and small reference documents should have to be one more hassle for them in the course of their day.

For this reason, having a great badge holder is essential, and choosing one that can meet the tactical demands of their unique needs is essential. If your badge holder fails in a regular job, you are inconvenienced. If a badge holder fails for one of these individuals important time may be lost, and those minutes could matter when the safety of life and property are on the line.

A Low-Cost Way to Keep Your Badge Safe & Look Your Best Too

Anyone who works in law enforcement or security is a member of a medical first response team, or has any position in the military-industrial complex knows that using an ID badge holder is a necessity. They’re designed to conveniently hold photo identification, personal items, and other credentials safely around the neck, attached to the arm, or clipped to the belt. Whichever way you choose to wear your ID badge or which is mandated by your team or organization, Specialist ID can help you find the perfect badge holder that’s at the same time affordable, reliable and looks great! Let's take a moment to look at the four most popular formats for tactical ID badge holders.

These styles are designed with the unique and high demand needs of your line of work in mind. They are durable, secure, and stylish, while still maintaining a low price point.

1. Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Hook and Loop Closure

If your job involves vigorous physical activity, then you find it best to have a badge holder solution that helps keep your badge out of the way yet still visible all times. Armband style badge holders originated in the Armed Forces and were soon adopted by the logistics and shipping industry. Now they are common for any type of job that requires a lot of physical activity on the part of the team member.

The Vertical Armband ID Badge Holder with Hook and Loop Closure wraps quickly, easily, and comfortably around any arm size and stays attached whether you’re working out, directing traffic, or monitoring crowd control, using heavy machinery, and more.

2. Black Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Pen Loop

Meet all of your credentials carry along needs with this traditional neck wallet featuring 5 different compartments, a pen loop, and a quickly adjustable cord. The pen holder makes keeping up with your pen easy, so you will always be ready to jot down notes, leave a message, or sign important paperwork while on the go. Because the strong and durable neck cord adjusts quickly and easily, this neck wallet is a perfect choice for anyone regardless of body size or height.

3. The Military Neck ID Badge Holder

This ID Badge Holder comes in 3 military-appropriate colors: black, tan and forest green. The adjustable nylon cord easily slides up and down, allowing your photo ID to hang comfortably around the neck and visible at all times for easy passage through security checkpoints. The front pouch holds any standard identification card and the inside pouch is great to store passes, pay cards, money or even locker keys.

4. Boston Leather Oval Swivel Clip-On Badge Holder

This professional ID holder is made with premium leather in the shape of a shield oval shape and swivel. This design allows you to easily attach to your belt or pinned near the chest, such as a pocket or lapel. It’s great for police officers and security guards who find that armband styles are too restrictive during the course of their job-related activities.

Shipping Times & Costs

Once you place your order, your ID badge products will be shipped within 2-6 business days to locations in the continental United States. Our standard shipping rate is $3.49 for orders under $50.00 and we offer free shipping for all orders over $50.

Specialist ID is the recognized industry leader for convenience solutions related to ID badges, accessories, document pouches, and hard cases that are water resistant and dustproof. We know it takes to meet the needs of high demand occupations including law enforcement, medical first response, and the military-industrial complex. Our products are designed to not only be cost effective but also fashionable and dependable so that your ID badge and other small document carry along needs are handled in a way that meshes perfectly with the mission-critical activities your team members are engaged in every day. Since 2001, we’ve provided customers with top quality ID accessories at unmatched prices.

Whatever your professional needs are, you will no doubt find a great addition that works best with your team's uniforms no matter what the application or task is. To begin your order, contact us online where our team is standing by to answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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