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Badge Buddies

After spending a few days visiting a family member in the hospital, I definitely noticed how important and mandatory it was for all staff to be wearing their identification on their scrubs. Badge Buddies are the perfect accessories to display your professional title along with your photo ID for great visibility and clarification of who is who in such a productive environment, such as a hospital, where there are numerous staff members walking around.

It definitely makes it easier to approach the right staff member when there is an emergency and time is of the essence. Badge buddies are color coded with the professional title listed in capital letters along the bottom of the badge. The slot punched ID card is attached on top of the badge buddy and usually worn on a badge reel or lanyard. The most common titled badge buddies are available, but we are able to customize for the not so common and unique titles as well.

Along with the hospital setting, an appropriate choice badge reel would be the white heart shaped EKG Badge Reel. See the video below for the complete description.