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Best Place to Buy Badge Reels

Best Place to Buy Badge Reels

If you’re a purchaser working in a highly secured industry that requires consistent verification of identification (ID), you might want to consider supplying your staff with the convenience of a Badge Reel. This practical tool is designed with a retractable cord that extends as far the arm can reach. It is the perfect badge holder accessary for employees who might grow tired of digging in their pocket, wallet, or purse to retrieve their ID card.

If you’re looking to find the best place to purchase Badge Reels at a discount price, consider Specialist ID, a wholesale distributor of IDs badges and accessories for over 10 years in the South Florida area.

Specialist ID offers a variety of Badge Reels in a selection of shapes and colors, some with special features that might appeal to certain industries. Here is a list of some of the more favorable Badge Reels for the basic work environment:

Carabiner Badge Reels (2120-70XX)

The Carabiner Badge Reel is the top seller for most of our customers. They come in five different color options: black, translucent back, translucent blue, translucent red, and clear. Its 34” retractable strap is made of reinforced vinyl that is strong enough to withstand 100,000 pulls. This Badge Reel is also equipped with a belt clip with a diameter of 1 ¼” (32mm).

View a video about how the Carabinar Badge Reel works here.

Carabiner No Twist Badge Reel (P/N 704-CB)

The No Twist Badge Reel is a step up from the 2120-70XX. It has a 36” retractable cord and has the same measurements as the 2120-70XX. The most obvious difference here is that there is a wider array of vibrant colors offered. Here, you can choose from a solid black, pink, red, royal blue, and white.

View a video to see the actual

No Twist Badge Reel colors


Key-Bak Mid Size Carabiner Badge Reel with Key Ring (6C)

This Badge Reel is a more heavy-duty type of badge accessory designed to hold heavier items than a Badge Buddy. The Key-Bak Mid Size Carabiner Badge Reel has a key ring holder with a 36” polyester cord and 6 oz. of retraction force. It can hold the weight of six keys while remaining durable enough to reel back in. This reel has 1 ¾” diameter with a black industrial polycarbonate case. It also comes with a Lifetime Service Policy from the manufacturer.

Watch a video about

how the Key-Bak Mid Size Carabiner Badge Reel with Key Ring

works here.

More Options Available!

Specialist ID has a wide selection of Badge Reels that you can buy directly from our website with no minimum order. They start as low as $.79 per unit. To view a full list of our Badge Reel inventory, visit our online catalog here. You also have the opportunity to purchase your Badge Reels at a discount price with a bulk order. Place your order today and we’ll ship your Badge Reel out in 24 hours. To learn more about how you can get the lowest price possible, contact our customer service team toll free at 1-800-380-6726. Purchasers local to the South Florida area can call 305-220-5500 today!