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Buying Plastic Name Tag Holders With Lanyards

When it comes to purchasing name tag holders, you might find yourself swimming in a sea of options—that’s only if you’re going to the right distributor!

Buying Plastic Name Tag Holders With LanyardsIf you’re able to find a plastic name tag holder that comes with a lanyard, then chances are you have the right kind of lanyard, but the ID holder isn’t the right size. It could also be the other way around! You might have the right size ID holder, but the lanyard isn’t the right one.

Specialist ID is the best wholesale badge distributor when it comes to providing a variety of options for badge holders and accessories. You can customize the size of your plastic name tag as well as the kind of lanyard you want. So if you’re looking for a plastic name tag holder with lanyads, then what you really need is a vinyl badge holder with slot holes that can latch on to a lanyard. Once you selected the vinyl badge holder, then we can guide you through selecting the right lanyard.

The Badge Holder

You can go with the Standard Horizontal Vinyl ID Badge Holder that’s considered the industry standard. It’s large enough to fit your photo ID or credit cards, and will hold it securely in place. This badge holder has one slot hole and two chain holes to accommodate any kind of lanyard or even for pinning onto your clothes. It’s also available in vertical and priced at 34 cents a unit, but can go as low as 22 cents a unit depending on how many badge holders you choose to buy in bulk.

The Lanyards

Specialist ID has a plethora of lanyards to choose from. You can select from breakaway or non-breakaway in an array of color selections. If you choose to personalize your lanyard, you’re able to do that right on our website. You can view our online catalog of lanyard selections here.

Badge Holders with Lanyards

Specialist ID does carry a selection of badge holders with attached lanyards, but you’ll find that they are very particular in taste. For instance, the Military Neck ID Badge Holder with Pen Loop is tailored for a certain industry because of its camouflaged pattern. We have another Military Neck ID Badge Holder with a zipper pocket. This particular selection comes in two solid colors: black and tan. These will cost a little more because it’s made of a cloth material in addition to the vinyl. You can expect to spend anywhere between $7.99 and up per unit, but you have the opportunity to get these at a lesser price depending on your bulk order.

Need Help Deciding?

Whether you want to purchase a complete set or customize your own, Specialist ID can assist you with all of your options helping you make the best economical choice for your business. We are based in Miami, Florida, but can ship your order out in 24 hours. However, you’ll need to allow a little more lead-time for specialized orders.

Give us a call today to discuss your options at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.