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Heavy-Duty Key Chains Designed for Property Managers

Heavy-Duty Key Chain Designed for Property ManagersIf you’re a property manager, a regular old keychain is not going to cut it. Whether you’re managing a fleet of hotel or motel chains or a residential area condo, you need something that’s strong enough to hold multiple keys. Then you’ll need a back-up keychain for the spares.

Specialist ID has a wide stock of keychain holders for lightweight and heavy-duty purposes. The Key-Bak line of key chains is not for the faint of heart! If you’re looking to carry a considerable amount of weight on a portable ring, your only true option is to check out our line of Key-Bak key chains. We have them available in a variety of selections. They are designed and assembled in the USA and comes with a lifetime policy.

Key-Bak Gear Retractor

The Key-Back Gear retractor comes with a leather protector that can fit onto belts. The leather pouch opening is 2 ¾” x 8 ¼ and can fit law enforcement belts. It has a chrome casing and holds up to 22 keys or anything equivalent to 13-15 ozs.

Key-Bak Self-Retracting Heavy Duty Key/Badge Reel

If you like the first option, but don’t care much for the leather pouch, then go with this self-retracting badge reel with a removable swivel clip. The removable swivel belt clip loosens up on the resistance when you pull on the cord. The swivel motion will easily adjust to the angle that you’re pulling your keys. You can also remove the belt clip if you choose to put more use to the 1 1/18” split ring.

Key-Bak Original Super 48 Key Reel with Leather Belt Loop

Nothing says ‘heavy duty’ like a 48-key key holder! If you’re looking to achieve the ‘janitor look’, then this is definitely the option you need to take a closer look at. This one comes complete with a leather belt loop. The case is made of a durable polycarbonate material, so it won’t break, crack, or shatter. It’s also the same material to create bulletproof glass.

Watch this video demonstration about how durable the Key-Bak keychain is:

Key-Bak Secure It Super Duty Gear Reel

This all-purpose key/badge reel can hold 6 oz. of retractable force. The polyester pull cord measures at approximately 36”. It has a carabiner attachment that makes it easy to attach to a belt loop or tool belt.

Key-Bak Twin Industrial Dual Retractable Reel with 24" Steel Chain

If you’re ready to swim with the big fishes, then this dual twin reel with a chrome casing and 24” of stainless steel chain will give you at least 100,000 pulls! This badge reel can hold up to 30 keys. Because of the chain reel, the case measures at approximately 2” in diameter and offers 16 ozs. of retractable force.

Secure your keys! If you’re interested in getting a discount, then ask about bulk ordering. Call Specialist ID today at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online to get your heavy-duty Key-Bak badge reels delivered to you within 2-6 business days!