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How Custom Badge Accessories Can Spice Up the Workplace Environment

How Custom Badge Accessories Can Spice Up a Workplace Environment

It can be said that office managers are always trying to find ways to boost the moral in a work environment. The day-to-day tasks can grow to be a bit mundane, and its easy to get into a routine of performing daily tasks. These repeated tasks can often hurt an employee’s job performance, becoming second nature—robotic even, requiring little thought. This type of work habit can be more susceptible to errors.

Office managers understand this and know that oftentimes, it is the little things that can make a significant impact in a work environment. With a little creative thought, providing custom badge accessories can spark new interests.

Color Psychology

Providing bright and vibrant colors not only revive a space, it can also influence moods. Amy Morin, an expert in the psychological aspects of business, wrote an article in Forbes called, “ How to Use Color Psychology to Give Your Business an Edge .” Here, she expressed the importance of how understanding the basic color psychology can heavily influence your work environment. Morin references Sally Augustin, Ph.D., an environmental psychologist who studied how colors can change people’s perception of temperature, stir emotional responses, spark creativity, and produce or reduce analytical thinking.

Morin goes on to admit that the studies found in color psychology aren’t “universal truths” because “People of different cultures may have different thoughts and emotions about certain colors.”

Bringing Colorful ID Badges into the Workforce

Keeping this in mind, Specialist ID, a distributor of custom identification (ID) badge holders and accessories provide a spectrum of color-coded custom Badge Buddies, lanyards, badge reels, and more.

Providing colored lanyards can separate one department or team from the other, creating friendly competition, and resulting in a boost in moral. This in turn, creates a more enjoyable work environment where employees can look forward to coming to work everyday and be excited about what they’re doing, producing quality work with minimal errors.

Badge Buddies

If you already have IDs assigned to your employees, consider a custom Badge Buddy , a durable name tag with a selection of 18 different color choices. Badge Buddies can also be custom-made with the print of your choice. You can write in a department name, or level of employment, and using Dr. Augustin’s psychology of color theory, select the best color you believe will suit your work environment. These custom Badge Buddies are interchangeable with most existing name tags.

When you have access to IDs that offer a wide array of colors like Badge Buddies, you can definitely spice up a stuffy work environment and turn it into a setting that is interesting and enjoyable—all this with colors!

If you are interested in learning more about the many colorful Badge Buddy options and accessories that Specialist ID has to offer, contact one of our service represen tatives toll free at 1-800-380-6726. Residents in the Miami, Florida area can dial 305-220-5500 and schedule a local pick-up to cut down on delivery costs. Contact us today!