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How a Retractable Tether Can Upgrade Your Next Outdoor Activity

How a Retractable Tether Can Upgrade Your Next Outdoor ActivityWhen you look on Specialist ID’s website, you might not think you’d find any type of retractable tether gear. After all, we’re a wholesale ID badge and accessory distributor. Yet, every now and again, we like to surprise our customers with new items that are not only applicable to a professional office setting, but also for outdoor recreational activities.

Our line of T-Reign Outdoor Retractable Gear Tethers comes in three different sizes suitable for small, medium, and large equipment.

What does this have to do with badge identification?

In this instance, nothing. But because we stock a wide variety of retractable badge reels, we would be remiss if we didn’t inform you about our heavy-duty T-Reign series.

About Specialist ID’s T-Reign Series of Retractable Tethers

The T-Reign Series of Retractable reels are perfect for outdoor activities. While standard or even heavy-duty badge reels are designed to carry a bulk amount of keys, the T-Reign Series improved on that feature so that the tether cord is durable enough to hold lightweight tools, mini tools, small flashlights, a compass, or anything that weighs up to 4oz. This is an amazing feature because it not only attaches to your person, but it also to a retractable Kevlar® cord that you can pull out to at least approximately 24” giving you the flexibility and convenience to access your tools at anytime without having to fumble around in your pockets.

About the Kevlar® Cord

Kevlar® cords are the same material that’s used for rope climbing. It’s also a type of material that architects and engineers rely on when constructing their buildings and skyscrapers. It’s used at sea and durable enough to withstand what would otherwise corrode due to the ocean air. The strength of the Kevlar® cord is even strong enough for NASA as it’s been used in the MARS Pathfinder. The Kevlar® cords were reported to have helped secure the landing cushions which were also made of Kevlar® fiber.

If the Kevlar® cord is good enough for NASA, then it’s surely good enough for Specialist ID and our customers!

Get Them in Three Sizes

The T-Reign series comes in three different sizes designed to secure heavy-duty items with small, medium, or large attachments.

1. Small T-Reign Tether – 1 ½” circumference, 1.5” wide.

2. Medium T-Reign Tether – 1 ¾” circumference, 36” Kevlar® cord, 6oz. retraction force.

3. Large T-Reign Tether – 2 ¼” circumference, 48” Kevlar® cord, 8oz.

The T-Reign Retractable Tether reels are all designed and assembled in the USA and have a lifetime service policy. They all have a quick disconnect feature up to 25 lbs. They are designed with a stainless steel clip so they will not corrode or rust.

With Specialist ID, you can order a bulk supply of our line of T-Reign retractable reels or just a few. There is no minimum order. For a discount contact one of our representatives today. You can place your order on our website and have them delivered to your doorstep in 2-6 business days. Call 1-800-380-6726, or contact us online today.