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Key Card Holder DIY Idea

I came across this great DIY (Do It Yourself) Wedding Project from and loved the idea! Thought it was worth mentioning and passing along for future reference in wedding plans or any other party type events that may convenience your guest participants.

This particular use for a wedding was described as “One of the things I created for our guests were key card holders. We stayed in an all-inclusive resort, so our guests used the key card holders for their hotel room keys, cash for tip money and other items like ID and credit card.”

Considering we are the “Specialists” and experts in these particular supplies, I couldn’t help but share this fantastic idea that is so simple to put together for an organized, customized and special occasion that you might share with your family, friends or co-workers for future events. We have many different lanyard options and badge holders to accommodate any size ID, ticket or credential to color coordinate a customized set up like the picture displays. Get creative, have fun and give a gift that keeps on giving… a lasting lanyard/badge holder for many future uses.