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Official Team Sports Lanyards

For the love of sports… The time of year when you wear your Team Jerseys proud, plan parties to watch the games at home while you make hors d’oeuvres in cute shapes of footballs, basketballs or baseballs. Your kid parties probably have sports themed cakes and paper plates to match. A time for celebrations and emotional outbursts. Cheering at the TV or maybe, if you’re lucky enough, at the game LIVE. (I said cheering, but from experience, yelling and swearing too). A time that really focuses all around sports, bringing friends and families together for competitive bonding.

So, what’s your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA team? Maybe you have several. An official team sports lanyards may be worn all the time, matching your outfit or not. These quality, bold and vivacious team logo colored lanyards always look good and they have a safety breakaway feature to keep you safe in case your lanyard gets pulled or caught on something.

It’s all about team spirit and hardcore fans want this to be known! If you have season tickets or a VIP pass, wear them proudly on your chosen team lanyard as you enter the arenas. Be hands free and ready to walk through the gates to get your game on. For all other occasions, you can keep your keys and/or photo ID badge holders securely visible and handy for everyday use on the go or at the office and still reminisce of last nights game. Lanyards never go out of style, especially when you are a loyal fan, showing off your favorite team! They make great gifts as well.