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Oversized Badge Holders for Better Visibility

Oversized Badge Holders for Better VisibilityIf you operate a business that registers for conventions on a frequent basis, then you know the importance of good sign visibility. While most conventions may already supply an ID tag for your booth, they usually only provide one. Depending where your booth is, you’ll want to make sure that your company name is visible from every angle .

While it can be easy for some people to get pretty creative with their signage, those methods can easily get damaged during transport from the amount of traffic that parades by. Oftentimes, all you need is just a printed sheet of paper. It’s lightweight, easy to pack, and won’t get damage…as long as you have the proper covering for it.

The Solution for Protecting Small Inexpensive Signage

This is where oversized badge holders come in handy. The Vertical Oversized 4 x 7 Vinyl ID Badge & Ticket Holder ( XL47.5V) offered by Specialist ID, an online badge holder and accessory distributor in South Florida offers this badge holder at only 79 cents per unit. The great advantage to purchasing your oversized badge holder from Specialist ID is that you’re not obligated to buy a bulk amount. You can order as many or as little wish. Although it’s certainly worth noting that you’ll gain a significant amount of savings should you choose to order a higher quantity, you have the potential to buy your oversized badge holder at 52 cents per unit. This unit price varies according to the amount ordered.

You can view the discounted prices for the XL47.5V here.

More About Oversized Badge Holders

It’s not only conventions that benefit from the XL47.5V. Sporting events typically format large tickets that you can print online. Whether they’re playoff tickets, event passes, or seasonal tickets, the XL47.5V is flexible and strong enough to keep it safe from concession stand food and drinks spills.

For conventions, this oversized badge holder gives you the option of displaying the contents flat on the table or attaching it to a lanyard to keep it visible at all times, allowing you to be hand-free. This badge holder hangs vertically and has slot and chain holes that can easily attach to your lanyard or badge reels.

View this video demonstration of how the XL47.5V works here.

Jinna Zapata , Specialist ID’s Photographer and New Product Specialist says that “oversized badge holders are typically purchased for a convention, government or special events.” She further explained that these events usually benefit from these holders because their ID or credentials for such events are larger in size compared to a standard credit card sized ID holder.

Here is a short list of some of the events you can use the XL47.5V oversized badge holder for:
Ø NFL Super Bowl
Ø All-Star Games
Ø World Cup

The maximum insert dimensions are 4.125” x 7.5”.

Other Oversized Badge holder Options

If you need something slightly smaller, consider the Vertical Oversized 4 x 6 Vinyl ID Badge Holder ( XL46V). This option comes in a little cheaper at 74 cents per unit, but depending on how many you order, you might be able to purchase this badge holder for 49 cents per unit.

Place your order for the oversized badge holder you need today. Specialist ID can also assist you with other badge accessory options to carry your badge IDs. Contact us today at 1-800-380-6726 or ask us a question about your order online.