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Rigid ID Badge Holders Designed for Government Employees

When it comes to displaying proper identification for government-employed agencies, you need to stock personnel with the best kind of badge holder that will protect the photo ID.

Specialist ID, an online wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor, stocks a wide array of rigid ID holders for government agencies. We recognize the importance of investing in a quality badge ID holder to protect photo IDs. These days, especially for government agencies, there is much more valuable data in an employee’s ID badge. With today’s technological advances, employees’ ID badges double as an access key. For government agencies, that makes these things all the more valuable. So nothing but the best badge holder should do. In fact, not having a badge holder for a government ID shouldn’t be an option! It should be as mandatory as the Badge Buddy is to the healthcare industry.

Why Rigid Badge Holders are Preferred

Rigid badge holders are much more durable than the more flexible badge holders. While they have their advantages, it is the rigid badge holder that we want to focus on because it’s stiff enough to keep government ID badges safe, but flexible enough to not snap or chip should it come into some resistance.

Specialist ID has the following rigid badge holders in stock:

· Rigid Open-Faced 2 Card Holder - Optional Vertical or Horizontal

This particular badge holder is one of our most durable selections that many purchasers like. It has two slots to hold a credit card size Photo ID. It will hold IDs nice and secure, yet easily slide out with ease with just a little pressure. This badge holder comes in four colors: black, white, navy, and royal blue. The best feature about this badge holder is that is offers a vertical or horizontal slot holes.

Watch this video demonstration of how the Rigid Open-Faced 2 Card Holder works here:

· Premium Top Load Rigid Plastic ID Badge Holder

Completely protect personnel’s photo ID with this badge holder that completely covers a photo ID protecting it from dirt, debris, and/or accidental scratches due to regular use. A great feature about this badge holder is that it has UV protection. So it won’t fade as quickly as an unprotected badge would.

Check out a video demonstration of this premium badge holder here:

· Rigid Shielded RFID Blocking 2-Card Holder

This could be THE ideal rigid badge holder for government employees. The RFID blocking badge holder protects any data programmed in the ID badge from being scanned. That’s actually good and bad news, because if your personnel’s ID badge has the dual purpose of granting access to a building or a department, then the employee will have to go through the trouble of removing the ID badge from the holder. While it comes with a thumb slot to easily remove the ID from the badge, this may not be a favorite for all personnel.

Specialist ID has many more rigid badge holders to select from. Shop our online inventory then place your order online. If you have any questions, contact us online with questions, or call us toll free at 1-800-380-6726 today!