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Security Lanyards

In today’s world, we feel more secure when we are able to identify who is who in our many different surroundings. Whether at school where are children are being taken care of, in an office building with many floors and many people rushing in and out, hospitals, public facilities, etc. From a distance, a photo ID badge might be hard to read without being in close distance. There are many circumstances where it is questionable and crucial to know who is who. Our identifiable lanyards add an extra security measure to provide clarity.

Pre-printed security lanyards are bright and boldly colored, informative labels to help identify from a distance and without question the purpose of their presence. When working in crowded places or high security type of employment, it is usually necessary to display some credential and also be hands free to do the job right. Lanyards are perfect for displaying credentials, holding keys or having employee smart cards easily accessible. These pre-printed silky lanyards have a metal swivel hook to attach to any slot punched ID card or badge holder and they have specific titles such as: Visitor, Contractor, Volunteer, Security, Temporary, Event Staff or Staff. Any of these lanyards would be a great asset to a company in order to identify their employees and volunteers. It would also be helpful to steer customers to being able to identify who may answer a question or why they are noticing new faces in a trusted workplace