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The Difference Between Vinyl and Rigid Badge Holders

Vinyl and Rigid Badge HoldersTo the naked eye, vinyl and rigid badge holders seem as though they’ll serve the same purpose. In general, it does, but each one will offer a feature that the other doesn’t have, which is why you have the option of choosing from the two. Before you can come to such a decision, you’ll need to have a better understanding of these two different materials.

Vinyl Badge Holders

The vinyl badge holders will have a bit more flexibility. While it’s still durable enough to protect your identification cards, it won’t be as abrasive against your skin or clothing. The vinyl badge holders that Specialist ID, a badge holder and accessory distributor in South Florida carries are clear, making it easy to see a worker’s ID badge. They also offer a selection of color-coded badge holders designed to hold horizontal and vertical ID badges.

Specialist ID’s Clear Vertical Vinyl ID Holder with a Zipper Top ( VBH – V – ZIP ) is considered the industry’s traditional badge holder. It’s made to hold any standard credit card sized ID badge and has a red zip top enclosure that will secure the contents from any elements getting to the ID badge that might ruin it. This particular badge holder hangs vertically, but Specialist ID also has the horizontal ID badges in stock.

Here are the properties to this particular badge holder:

Ø Outer Dimensions: 5 1/16" L x 3" W

Ø Inner Dimensions: 3 3/4" L x 2 7/8" W

Ø Slot and chain holes for attachment.

A good feature about the Clear Vertical Vinyl ID Holder with the Zipper Top is that it can hold more than one type of ID, provided that it fits the inner and outer dimensions stated above.

Rigid Badge Holders

With rigid badge holders, you’ll not have to ever worry about accidentally bending your ID badge. With vinyl badge holders, you’ll certainly be able to protect your ID badge, but oftentimes, over a period of time, they may slightly bend, creating a slight curvature to the ID badge. With Specialist ID’s rigid badge holders like the Rigid Open-Face 2 Card Holder ( P/N AH – 150), you have the piece of mind knowing that your IDs are fully protected at all times, no matter if it’s in your back pocket, around your neck, in your purse, or misplaced.

Here are the properties to this particular badge holder:

Ø Rigid Open-Faced 2 Card Holder that Holds 2 Standard Credit Card Size ID Cards

Ø Maximum Insert Size: 3 3/8" X 2 1/8"

A one of the highlighted features of the Rigid Open-Face 2 Card Holder is that it offers a horizontal and vertical layout, so you don’t have to choose between the two. Unlike the vinyl badge holders, the rigid holders can only hold two credit card size ID’s, but it is guaranteed to give your ID cards a longer life span of protection.

If you’re interested in comparing the difference between the two badge holders, order one of each from Specialist ID today. As a distributor, we don’t require a minimum order, but you will certainly receive a discount if you order 25 or more of our ID badges and accessories. Call us today at 1-800-380-6726 or ask us a question online.