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Triple Safety Breakaway Lanyard

The safety breakaway feature that allows for a lanyard to instantly come apart when pulled or snagged to avoid choking or neck injury is always a great idea. Whether in the work place, outdoors or events, there is always the possibility of getting your ID caught in machinery, perhaps stuck on a tree branch or grabbed from the crowds of rowdy people while at a concert. Once the tension is placed on the lanyard, the safety breakaway detaches itself in a snap, not breaking the lanyard (or your neck) and the lanyard is still intact and easily snaps back together for continual wear.

For the more “high risk” environments, such as a corrections facility, facilities or warehouses with heavy duty machinery, construction sites or for the kids in school who are required to wear their IDs, the better choice might be a triple breakaway “no choke” safety lanyard. As in the title, there are (3) three distanced safety breakaway features to decrease risk for the more “active” or “dangerous” environment where more pulling is expected. This extra precaution allows for the lanyard to snap in three different places in case the lanyard is tangled or caught. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Leave some worry behind wearing this lanyard. The no twist, wide plastic hook will hold any slot punched ID card or badge holder so you can easily display your credentials, photo ID, library card, sporting tickets, concert tickets, etc. Adjustable for a perfect fit for an adult or child. Other color options available as well.