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Triple Safety Breakaway Lanyard

Breakaway lanyards are a safe ID and access card carry option for facilities where lanyards may become snagged or caught on protruding items of any kind. You want to avoid potential hazards of this kind, especially when lanyards are worn around the neck. Whether in…

  • Offices
  • Outdoor locations
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Events

…there is always the possibility of getting your ID caught in machinery, perhaps stuck on a tree branch or grabbed from the crowds of rowdy people, say at a concert. Here are affordable ways of minimizing risks of this kind through lanyards with high quality design.

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High Risk Locations Where Breakaway Lanyards Are A Helpful Item

For the more “high risk” environments, such as a corrections facility, facilities or warehouses with heavy duty machinery, construction sites or for the kids in school who are required to wear their IDs, the better choice might be a triple breakaway “no choke” safety lanyard.

Why Choose Breakaway Lanyards

If you need help figuring out whether or not you need this lanyard, contact specialist ID. We recommend it for anywhere the lanyard could possibly be snagged or intentionally grabbed for any reason. For example, school teachers often prefer to wear breakaway lanyards, particularly if they teach gym class or work with younger students. In other facilities, medical workers who work with sensitive or complicated patient situations or environments may need to use this breakaway lanyard for their own safety.

The Three Safety Features Of A Triple Breakaway “No Choke” Lanyard

As in the title, there are (3) three distanced safety breakaway features to decrease risk for the more “active” or “dangerous” environment where more pulling is expected.

These are:

  • At a point behind the neck
  • At a midpoint on the band
  • At the attachment to the lanyard

These multiple precautions allow for the lanyard to snap in three different places in case the lanyard is tangled or caught. Once the accident is dealt with, you can grab the pieces and re-attach them in many cases, which is far more convenient than a full on replacement.

How Breakaway Lanyards Protect Your Employees From Certain Hazards

Once the tension is placed on the lanyard, the safety breakaway detaches itself in a snap, not catching or injuring the wearer in any way. There is added safety in having three potential breakaway points, especially if your environment is busy and chaotic. The triple breakaway helps deliver an easy release of the wearer regardless of where and how the lanyard has been caught.

Save Costs On Materials And Supplies While Helping The Earth

After the breakaway snaps have been pulled apart, the lanyard itself is still intact and easily snaps back together to let the wearer put it back on. This ability to be reassembled is so important. It saves your facility’s materials budget while reducing unnecessary waste and disposed plastics.

Easy Credential Display System With This Breakaway Lanyard

Leave some worry behind by wearing this lanyard. The no twist, wide plastic hook will hold any slot punched ID card or badge holder so you can easily display your credentials, photo ID, library card, sporting tickets, concert tickets, etc. This lanyard is adjustable, letting the wearer get a perfect fit for an adult or child. Multiple color options available, giving you a way to match your materials to your overall brand look and feel.

Convenient Lanyards For Employees In A Hurry

If your employees need to be able to remove the lanyard quickly to use or display a card while wearing headgear like safety helmets or other obstructions, the break-away function gives them an easy, one-handed option. If you are in an industry that works at a brisk pace such as construction, manufacturing, medicine, emergency response, or something similar, we recommend taking details of this kind seriously. Note that lanyard convenience also makes it easier to get employees to adopt and adhere to ID badge policies. You can make guests at your facility a tad safer from catches and snags by providing this lanyard as well.

Expert Guidance On Breakaway Lanyards And More

If you have any more questions about the function of this lanyard, or if you need help figuring out whether or not you need it, contact Specialist ID. We’ve supplied an incredible amount of facilities and events with lanyards that are perfect for their needs while still being affordable. Contact us online to learn more about these options. Explore our other ID badge solutions as well, such as arm bands and single break-away lanyards.

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