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Wholesale Lanyards: Finding the Lowest Prices on Large Orders

Wholesale Lanyards: Finding the Lowest Prices on Large Orders

When looking to buy a bulk order of lanyards at the lowest price, there are several variables to consider to ensure that you receive the best deal possible for your organization. Whether it is for an ID badge or ticket, lanyards are an ideal way to hold onto and display key information for both your employees and clients. Lanyards can even be customized for promotional events to give away in support of your organization’s branding and advertising efforts.

4 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Wholesale Lanyards

    1.The Wholesaler’s Minimum Order Quantity

    Placing a large bulk order where you only use half the products purchased does no good in saving your organization money. When looking to work with a wholesaler, find out what their minimum order quantities are. At Specialist ID, we offer no minimum order quantities for all our products for sale.

    2.The Wholesaler’s Order Quantity Options

    When choosing where to buy lanyards, it’s important to consider what order quantity options are available from the wholesaler. Sometimes, order options are limited, and this could result in your organization either buying substantially more than what you need or not buying enough. If you run the risk of not buying enough, having to re-order more products can be costly. At Specialist ID, we offer wholesale options for large orders to the exact quantity specifications you would need, so your money doesn’t go to waste.

    3.The Total Cost of the Lanyard Order

    4.When working with wholesalers, you need to be aware that sometimes they may charge a membership fee or high shipping & handling prices that eat away at your potential savings. These costs may be hidden to you before checkout, so look into these details before ordering wholesale lanyards from any company. This is especially important when shipping internationally.

    5.The Wholesaler’s Product Assortment

    Product selection matters. Just because you are placing a large order, doesn’t mean you should be limited on the product choices available to you. It’s important that the company you buy from offers a wide array of lanyards and accessories, along with customizable options.

    At Specialist ID, we sell lanyards of all kinds in either breakaway or non-breakaway versions, including custom printed and licensed sports lanyards.

    Purchase Lanyards from a Wholesaler Supplier Offering the Best Selection

    For over 16 years online, Specialist ID has been providing our customers with the widest assortment of wholesale lanyards and accessories available on the Internet. Large organizations trust Specialist ID to deliver them exactly what they need at an affordable price. Among others, our loyal clientele includes:

    · Fortune 500 Companies

    · Churches

    · Schools

    · The Federal Government

    · Small Businesses

    No wholesale order is too large for Specialist ID. We offer fast, inexpensive shipping globally.

    As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in our work. Our customer service team is dedicated to making sure that you are 100% satisfied. Order wholesale lanyards today, and if you aren’t able to find exactly what youre looking for, contact us!