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Badge Clips: A Breakdown of All the Different Types

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Badge clips can be an incredibly convenient, simple solution for ensuring that your badge remains at your side and clearly visible at all times throughout the day. Badge clips can be easily attached to clothing, badge reels, or shirts and eliminate the need to punch holes in ID cards in many instances. At Specialist ID, we carry a wide array of badge clips, available both by themselves and as part of a badge reel or lanyard product offering. To better understand the different types of badge clips available on the market today, we'll give you the breakdown of some of our top sellers.

1. Vinyl Straps with Metal Badge Clips

These ID badge clips are among the most popular product offerings at Specialist ID. The Clear Vinyl Strap with a 2-Hole Nickel Plated Steel Clipis a bestseller for a good reason. This basic ID badge clip features an alligator clip that allows for easy snapping and attaching to clothing items, bags, collar, belt, and badge holders. The metal pieces close tightly and keep your badge secure throughout the day.

2. Key Ring to ID Badge Converting Vinyl Strap Clip

This Clear Vinyl Strap Clip is perfect for attaching to standard swivel hooks and key rings commonly found on lanyards and badge reels. Simply clip the buttons together and keep your badge at hand in either your ID badge holder or via a slot punched ID card. This badge clip product is among the most affordable of all badge clips selling today as individual pieces.

3. Magnetic ID Badge Clips

At Specialist ID, the Magnetic ID Badge Clip with Pressure Sensitive Stick Back Foam Pad is ideal for individuals who prefer not to wear pins or clips. Magnetic badge clips are the most garment-friendly solution for workers who are required to wear their badges on their clothing each and every day on the job. With magnetic ID badge clips, all you need to do is attach the stick foam pad to the back of your ID or badge holder and then place the non-sticky magnetic portion on the inside of your shirt or pocket.

No need to worry about pins holes in the fabric of your clothing ever again. These magnets are very strong, yet small in size measuring only 1.75 by 0.5.

4. Plastic Attachment Badge Clips

In certain workplace settings such as medical facilities and airports, minimizing or eliminating the wearing of metal is important. Reusable Plastic Badge Clips are the best solution in this instance. The button design of these products help keeps IDs straight with use throughout the day. Bulk product orders are remarkably low-cost as well.

Prominently showing IDs and badges at all times within many companies and organizations today helps teams achieve new levels of safety and security. Many sectors and industries are increasingly requiring this added level of security and durable badge clips can help assist in this small, but meaningful action.

At Specialist ID, you will appreciate a large product assortment of the most popular badge clips available online. Whether you are looking for a vinyl strap clip, magnetic clip, or plastic attachment, you can find exactly what you need at affordable wholesale prices. If you have any questions about the various types of badge clips, call us now at 1-800-380-6726 or fill out our online contact form.