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Best Badge Holders for Event Security

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Security Badge HoldersNot every event, convention, symposium, or trade show is destined to be a chaotic nightmare, but at the same time, whenever a large number of people gather its crucial that order and organization be a top priority. Along the same vein, it is also a fact of modern life that security should always be a concern in any type of mass gathering event.

The increase in mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and political action statements has turned every large gathering of people into a possible target. When planning or running an event every measure should be taken to ensure that the safety and security of everyone involved are guaranteed. To that end, it is essential that order is maintained, and that authorized authority figures be easily identified by attendees, so that everything can progress smoothly, and everyone can have the best experience possible.

It's also important that your attendees be able to easily and quickly move between areas, gain access to the event, and be identified as authorized persons to be resent throughout the course of the activities. Gone are the days when it was enough to have a person wearing an event staff t-shirt, or even a uniformed security officer, walking around, and being able to readily check the credentials of attendees is essential. With that in mind, the best way to keep everything straight, and also identify security and event staff members is to use an ID badge system that is clearly visible, and which immediately identifies those persons with legitimate authority at an event, and those who are actually registered, attendees.

Lets for a moment focus on how you can better identify your security personnel during your event in order to facilitate your attendees, media, and even other organizers, being able to rapidly locate them when needed. The best way to do this is to equip them with high quality, security badges that are unique to your event or organization and which cannot be easily cloned or spoofed by those who might wish to do so. Here at specialist ID, we are able to help you outfit your security team military and law enforcement quality security badges holders compatible with all of the most common security badges on the market, including the very popular Security Officer Badge 191X, which is made of zinc alloy, and which is available in both eye-catching traditional gold or contemporary silver displays the authenticity of legitimate security personnel.

The 191X is a hefty badge that is as durable as it is great looking. Measuring 3 1/8 in length, and 2 in width the classic burnished gold or high shine silver-plating increases visibility enabling others to identify members of your security team. The 191X is also comfortable to wear thanks to the lightweight design and the secure pin back makes it easy to attach to uniforms or other types of clothing or even to any of our great looking badge holders.

Your security team can easily pin their 191X badge to their clothing while protecting their badge in any one of our high quality and very durable security badge holders. Here at Specialist ID, we carry a full array of shield holders.

Leather Badge Holder (1139)
This badge holder offers multifunctional purpose, holding both credentials and the shield in one easy to carry holder. The internal pocket also allows for the carrying of a credit card, passcard, or even a few dollars in cash. A nice bonus with this holder is the small pocket that holds the neck chain when it is not in use.

Leather ID Law Enforcement Badge Holder with Belt Clip (1135)

This badge is perfect for use with all security badges that use the classic New York Police Department shield shape. All leather and equipped with a clip, the case is only 3 mm thick with a super strong hook and loop (Velcro) closure that keeps everything secure while still keeping the actual badge highly visible.

Boston Leather Police Shield Oval Clip-On Badge Holder (5840) & Boston Police Shield Badge Holder with Neck Chain (5840C)
An industry classic this attractive and durable security badge holder measures 4 3/8 x 3 1/8 and has a solid steel spring clip on the back. The neck chain version also measures 4 3/8 x 3 1/8 and comes equipped with a very strong steel neck chain. Both of these badge holders are made in America of high-quality leather.

Boston Leather Oval Swivel Clip-On Badge Holder (5888)
This awesome looking West Coast style badge holder has a strong hook and loop closure (Velcro) attachment which provides an accommodating swivel for ease of badge placement that works best for you. The all leather holder measures 3.8 x 2.8 and is made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. It is a perfect add-on holder for the two mentioned above to give you another wearing option when needed.

Boston Leather ID Badge and Shield Holder for Neck, Pocket or Belt (5845NPB)
This multi-use badge holder combines the best features of all three of the other Boston Leather shield holders mentioned here into one great looking product that gives you the ultimate versatility and value. Made of the same high-quality leather you get with all other Boston products, this badge holder provides you with the versatility of having a neck chain holder, a pocket flip over holder, or a clip-on belt holder in one. The badge case measures 3 x 4 and includes a strong steel neck chain.

Here at Specialist ID, we carry everything that you need to handle all of your identification needs effectively. We carry badges, badge holders, ID making systems, cases, lanyards, wallets, and more. We have been helping people with their badge and ID needs for years and are the experts on how to get you properly equipped without hassles and within your budget.
Contact us today and let one of our friendly team members answer any questions that you may have, or assist you in placing your order. Remember that most of our products have no minimum order requirements, and you can buy in bulk without worry since we gladly offer flat rate shipping of only $3.49 for almost all domestic US orders. We look forward to helping you soon with all of your shield and badge holder needs.

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