Witz Waterproof Cases

It is that time of year again, the annual cycle of tropical cyclone formation known as the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season which begins June 1, 2014, through November 30, 2014. Luckily, it doesn't always cause catastrophic happenings for all, but with lots of rain and potential flooding, there is always some risk for important documents and electronics to become damaged when wet. It would be a good idea to plan ahead and get organized with Witz waterproof cases for your important items.

Our Witz waterproof cases come in different sizes to provide waterproof protection for important documents, such as IDs, credit cards, cash, and passports to your medium to larger items such as cell phones, small electronics, and larger electronics. Some of the cases are small enough to wear around your neck, which makes them portable and great for year-round use in outdoor situations. The multi-sized Witz cases are designed to protect your fragile items, such as your smaller electronics, like cell phones, cameras or eyeglasses with padding from top to bottom. The cases are also all made with a crush-resistant waterproof plastic that is built to last and endure harsh conditions. Another great feature is that they float when submerged in water so you can easily identify and retrieve them from larger bodies of water.

The smaller sizes are ideal for carrying your photo IDs, credit cards, fast passes, tickets, hotel keys, cash, lipstick, gum, small camera, cell phone, and eyeglasses and great for traveling, theme parks, hiking, camping or a day at the beach. Our largest cases, known as our Witz waterproof locker I sport case and Witz waterproof locker II sport case, are meant for multi-purpose storage such as camping items, food, and larger electronics. Ideal for camping trips, boating and great for at-home storage. It's always great to be prepared and with a Witz waterproof case, you have peace of mind with knowing your items are protected from all the outdoor elements.

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