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Heart Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip (P/N 2120-761X)

Product Price: $1.88 ea. Sold Individually

Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hours
Part number: 2120-7616

  • Heart Shaped Reel with Rotating Spring Clip Allows for a Smooth Pull in Any Direction
  • Clip Easily Attaches to and Detaches from Any Garment at Any Angle
  • Full 360 Degree Rotation
  • Great For Nurses, Doctors or any Hospital Employee
  • Attaches Firmly to Pocket, Lapel, or Any Piece of Loose Clothing
  • Part Numbers: 2120-7616 Red, 2120-7617 Pink, 2120-7618 White

Heart Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip (P/N 2120-761X)

Our heart reel is a popular choice in hospitals and many other organizations. With its rotating swivel spring clip you can pull the 34" retractable cord in virtually any direction reducing wear and tear on the nylon cord. The clip can attach to scrubs, belts, bags and more making this a versatile and attractive accessory for your ID badge.

Rated for up to 100,000 pulls under normal usage, this retractable reel should last a long time. There is no minimum quantity to order, so if you need only one or a whole lot more, you can order just the quantity you need.


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