Collection: ID Badge Holder and Accessory Buying Guide

Buying the right kind of ID badge holder can make your life easier by making your job more efficient and, most importantly, safer. Choosing a practical badge holder for your job is essential. Weve prepared a short guide to walk you through what kind of ID badge holder might work best for you.

When looking to buy an ID badge holder, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is:

What does my job require me to do and how will I use my ID badge on the job?

This will be a significant factor in determining the type of badge holder that you will use. For example, active work styles require a badge that stays out of the way. But, a less active job can utilize more traditional solutions. We offer a wide-range of ID badge holders, so youll be sure to find what you need.

Here are our recommendations:

For Healthcare Jobs:

  • When working in a busy, fast-paced, active healthcare environment, retractable reels and armband badge holders help keep your badge secure and out of the way. If you require frequent access to your ID badge, a retractable reel is the most convenient option.
  • Badge Buddies are oversized badges that go behind your primary ID badge but extend below it with visible text, making it easier to identify who you are. Badge Buddies can be customized with both color and text.
  • Vinyl Badge Holders keep your badge protected from a highly active and dynamic work environment. They are available in both flexible and rigid vinyl.

For Government or Corporate Jobs:

  • Many government agencies and corporations require RFID shielded badge holders to protect the sensitive information stored on them. We have a full line of RFID-shielded badge holders to keep your badges safe and protected.
  • Retractable reels provide quick and simple access to frequently used ID badges.

For Military and Law Enforcement Jobs:

  • Arm Band Badge Holders do an excellent job of staying out of the way while you conduct your duties. Theyre also much less likely to become snagged on objects and keep you safe from being pulled in a confrontational situation.
  • Retractable Reels are a convenient option if you require frequent use of your badge. They quickly retract out of the way after being used, preventing snagging.

For Transportation Jobs:

  • If your job consists of driving and youre required to use a fuel card, check out our popular fuel cardholders. They come in both key ring and visor attachment styles to best suit your needs. Never lose track of your card with a fuel card holder.
  • Opt for a rigid card holder to keep your fuel card in good condition. This is especially useful if you keep your fuel card attached to your keychain.

For Education Jobs:

  • If your job requires you to display your ID badge at all times, consider our comfortable and multi-colored lanyards, available in a variety of styles. We offer breakaway, non-breakaway and anti-microbial. Breakaway lanyards snap off when pulled on hard, preventing you from getting injured.
  • If you have to swipe your badge frequently, consider a retractable reel badge. This badge holder makes it much more convenient.
  • Use a vinyl card holder to protect your ID from daily wear and tear.

Specialty Options

If the best type of lanyard or badge holder for your job is not listed in this guide, please review our large selection of specialty badge accessories below:

We offer almost every type of lanyard, badge reel, or badge holder for the job. Our breakaway anti-microbial lanyard to keeps your lanyard free of germs. For access control, we also provide self-expiring badges to keep guests from overstaying their welcome. The different types of self-expiring badges include: self-expiring ID badges, self-expiring parking badges, and self-expiring wristbands.

Dont see the solution you had in mind? Be sure to contact us with any questions about our products or for suggestions.