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Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool - Hands Free EDC Multitool USA Made of Solid Brass

Product Price: $14.99 ea. Sold Individually

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Part number: 7743-1000

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    • A SUPER SMART WAY TO AVOID HAND TO DOOR KNOB CONTACT - The Ultimate Utility Key, Heavy and Rugged Metal Every Day Carry Has a Hole to Attach to Your Keyring, Lanyard, Carabiner or Fits in Your Pocket
    • HEAVY DUTY - USE TO OPEN EVEN THE HEAVIEST DOORS - Whether You Need to Push or Pull, This Ergonomic Solid Gadget will Get the Job Done - Great for Home, Office, Travel, or Jobsite
    • PRESS ELEVATOR BUTTONS, KEYPADS, PUBLIC GARAGE  AND MORE! - Avoid Touching Gross and Germ  Laden Surfaces- Practice Good Hygiene Year Round, Virus or Not.   Use In the Bathroom or Any Room!
    • TOUCH LESS = KEEPS GERMS AWAY - Civilizations Have Recognized Antimicrobial Properties of Copper Alloys for Centuries. This Machined Unit is Solid Brass with a Rugged Brushed Finish and Will Age Beautifully

These Large and Heavy Duty handheld antimicrobial tools are the ultimate hands free door opener and button pusher.  Keep your hands away from the germs that are all over handles,  doorknobs, pin pads and more!  Keep your hands clean and keep them away from germs.  This contactless hand protector hooks to the doorknob handle to make your entry into a room touchless. 

We've had these made in a machine shop here in the United States.  Perfect for the professional, the patriot, and the germaphobe.  Large finger hole fits any size, with a thick construction so it feels comfortable, even when pulling on a heavy door.