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One Day Expiring Timing Cover - Regional Climate Based, Box of 500 (P/N 0514X)

Product Price: $42.54 - Sold Individually

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Part number: 05141

- Sold Individually

  • Manually-issued
  • For Parking Permits (hangtags, dashcards or vouchers)
  • 500 Pack
  • Part Numbers: 05144 Purple: Below 50?F/10?C, 05141 Blue: Between 50?F-80?F/10?C-25?C, 05143 Red: Above 80?F/25?C
One Day Expiring Timing Cover - Regional Climate Based (P/N 0514X)

Choose a timing cover based on your regional climate. Works in conjunction with the hangtags, dashcards or vouchers. Comes in a pack of 500.

Purple (05144): Below 50ºF/10ºC

Blue (05141): Between 50ºF-80ºF/10ºC-25ºC

Red (05143): Above 80ºF/25ºC

Getting control of your visitor management and maintaining it is very important in today's world. You need to know who is in your building and what areas they are authorized access. Visitor management is crucial to completing a secure work, study, or recreation environment. Log-in visitor books no longer provide satisfactory visitor monitoring or lobby security. The professional solution is software that captures every visitor, records pertinent data, and issues visitor ID badges for easy recognition. You have a choice of photo IDs or self-expiring temporary badges.

Must be used with 05139 Hangtag Permit, 05148 Dashcard Permit and 05128 Voucher Permit. (All Sold Separately)

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