Custom Printed Lanyards

Are you looking for custom printed lanyards? Look no further! Use the online Lanyards Designer to upload your graphics, input custom text and view your custom lanyards online, ready to order! Please contact us if you have any questions!

Please note, custom lanyards standard lead time is 10-14 business days after receiving your approval on the final design (this process usually takes 1-2 days). If you need a rush order please contact us so we can coordinate.

Designing Your Own Lanyard Online

Custom printed lanyards let you bring your brand to a simple, useful item that makes the perfect…

  • Uniform piece
  • Giveaway
  • Souvenir
  • ID holder
  • Access pass carrier

...and more. Here’s your guide to getting affordable custom printed lanyards in bulk.

We will explore your customization options, and which brands tend to benefit the most from using them.

Specialist ID offers you one of the best customization tools for lanyards online for your bulk lanyards.

Here’s the step by step process that goes into creating the perfect lanyard for your brand.

Choose The Basics: Select Your Bulk, Time Delivery, and Printing Option

Step one: choose your delivery option. You have your choice of 6-8 days or 10-12 day delivery. You then select the bulk you need. We tend to recommend 100 as a good round number, but we have supplied lanyards to people so often that we can help you plan for your needs if you need some guidance.

Your imprint options and how they can look:

1. Single Color Echno Silkscreen Printing

This is a simple single color econoweave silkscreen is a simple color-and text option. It is a no-frills option that lets you customize your tagline or phrase easily. This option is perfect for brands with two colors or any organization that’s looking for a clean, simple lanyard design.

2. 1-3 Color Lanyard Printing: Upgrade The Style Of Your Lanyards

This attractive 1-3 color printing option gives you three different colors to play with, which increases the richness and style of your lanyard. You get to select the edging color for your letters, the text itself, and the font color. Silk screening is one of the most effective methods for printing on the lanyards, and it tends to work really well for delivering a more sophisticated look that matches your brand more closely.

3. Full-Color Dye Staub: A Beautiful Full Design For Your Lanyards

When you’re looking for a detailed design that makes your brand really pop, a full dye staub lets you enjoy:

  • A wide range of color palettes
  • A variety of fonts and texts
  • Graphic images (mascots, logos, symbols, ect.)

This is one of the better options if you want to truly customize the look of your lanyards.

4. One Color Woven Style: A Soft, Textured Style Option

This is one of the most popular options because the textured feel is extra comfortable. Many people find that the slightly stretchable feel of this fabric makes it last longer and feel better on the back of the neck.

Choose Between Single Ended And Double Ended Lanyards

When you are trying to decide whether you should use a single or double ended lanyard, you can use our helpful visualizer.

It lets you see your final product after you select from the following options, including a text box to see your slogan or brand name on it.

Your other design choices include:

  • Single-ended lanyards: A design in which the fabric is sewn together to create a loop, and ends in a fastener for suspending cards or badges.
  • Double-ended lanyards: Each end of the fabric ends with a separate metal fastener. Use this for larger badges and cards, or if you’re using the lanyard to suspend something wide.

Choose Your Lanyard Texture And Fabric: How To Know Which One To Select

  • Recycled material: This is a must-have for green and eco-friendly brands. If you work with green energy, recycling, farming, or anywhere else where this would be applicable, this is the best material to choose.
  • Antimicrobial material: If you’re getting lanyards from sports teams, gym coaches, trainers, or runners, this is one of the best materials you can choose. Use these antimicrobial lanyards if you are likely to be sweating often while wearing lanyards.
  • Bamboo: This fabric is naturally comfortable and lightweight. Enjoy the strength and softness of bamboo lanyards, which may have natural antimicrobial properties as well.
  • Ultraweave material: This is a strong weave that can withstand a rugged environment. It’s great for nurses, industrial workers, and other use cases.
  • Optiweave tubular: These are excellent for outdoor work because the weave helps keep the lanyard cool, strong and comfortable.
  • Flatbraid tubular: This is a well-designed lanyard weave that helps prevent the lanyard from spinning around, which makes it easy to keep the look of your branded lanyards clean and sharp.
  • Econoweave: A simple, efficient weave that delivers an easy lanyard solution. Nothing fancy here, just a lanyard that works.
  • Microweave (ribbed polyester): This is one of the best weaves. It’s a super tight, super resistant lanyard that makes it ideal for potentially wet conditions.
  • Organic cotton: Simple, comfortable and adaptable. This organic cotton material is soft, strong and ready for action.
  • Woven-in polyester: This is a standard lanyard weave that many people choose for giveaways and other bulk needs.

Then choose whether or not your lanyards should be break-away style. Break-away lanyards are an important aspect of safety depending on your circumstances and facility. You should use breakaway lanyards when you are working in places that risk a snag or a tear. Sometimes outdoor guides need break-away lanyards because they don’t want to get injured if their lanyard becomes snagged or caught on a branch. If it’s a potential hazard in your environment, you should consider adding this feature to your custom printed lanyard.

After you’ve chosen your material, browse through the different end fittings. We can advise you on which ones would be most helpful depending on your needs.

Choose Your Fastener And Attachment Design For Your Custom Printed Lanyards

  • Nickel-plated steel trigger snap hooks: Good for attaching simple IDs, cards and badges.
  • Black oxide swivel hook: Common for convention cards. One of the most basic attachment designs.
  • Nickel plated steel-trigger snap hook. Secure, easy to use, and not likely to accidentally become undone.
  • Nickel plated split ring: Good for securing larger cards and badges.
  • Bulldog clips: Easy to attach and detach anything you need.
  • Detachable buckle/swivel hook: Choose this if you need to remove and reattach equipment and cards easily.
  • Badge reel combo: Use this for hanging access cards and other must-have items that need to be able to reach scanners, reel back into place, and never get lost.

Feel free to contact Specialist ID if you have any questions.