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Identity Stronghold (IDSH1002-001) Secure Sleeve for Passports

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Part number: IDSH1002-001

- Sold Individually

  • Holds 2 ISO7810 ID-1 form factor (standard credit card size) contactless smart card
  • Blocks RFID chips in cards from being read without permission
  • FIPS 201 approved as an electromagnetically opaque sleeve
  • Ergonomic design allows user to present card to reader with one hand without removing the card
  • Dimensions: 5-1/8" x 3-7/8"

Identity Stronghold IDSH1002-001 Secure Sleeve for Passports

Designed to protect a single passport embedded with a wireless chip. When your passport is slipped in through the top of the protected sleeve, it will protect the sensitive data stored on your RFID enabled passport from unwanted skimming devices; therefore keeping your personal information safe from identity theft, tracking and other unauthorized reads.

Simply remove passport from protective sleeve as needed. Durable and light weight to fit easily into pocket, purse or wallet. Water resistant..

Dimensions: 5-1/8" x 3-7/8"

Note: All US Passports since October 2006 contain an RFID chip that holds all the data from the information page including your picture in digital format.

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