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In-A-Snap® ISOLATION Alert Clasps

Product Price: $74.60 Box of 250

Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hours
Part number: WBCLASP-IS1

Box of 250

    • Plastic alert wristband clasp
    • Permanent snap closure
    • Pre-printed with ''ISOLATION''
    • Quantity: 250

Quickly identify and alert medical staff and caregivers of patients in isolation with these affordable In-A-Snap® ISOLATION Alert Clasps. Easy to use with any snap-style wristband to communicate necessary special precautions for your patients. Color options available to accommodate any color code requirements in hospital and healthcare environments.

These clasps attach to the "hole" on the wristband to give a color and word visual to medical staff for certain "alerts".  The wristband can hold several of these snaps to reduce the number of wristbands a patient needs to wear.

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