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Key-Bak #487-HD Industrial Retractable Reel with Mounting Bracket 0487-002

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- Sold Individually

  • Strong 48-Inch stainless steel .048-Inch gauge cable
  • Light and compact steel case with chrome front has a diameter of 2-Inch and .375-Inch thick
  • Stainless steel spring for reliability in any environment, tested in excess of 100,000 retraction cycles
  • Comes with a
  • Lifetime Service Policy from the manufacturers
  • Designed and assembled in the USA by the company that invented the personal retractor in 1948

Key-Bak #487-HD Industrial Retractable Reel with Mounting Bracket 0487-002

This heavy duty retractable reel was designed for use in industrial settings such as manufacturing and production. Never loose a chuck key or machine tool again. This reel has a mounting bracket making it easy to directly attach it to machinery or work benches. It can retract 8-10 oz. of force, which is about the weight of 15 keys. The stainless steel cable has been designed to retract in excess of 100,000 pulls. The 1 1/8" split ring can be attached to a wide range of tools, saving on re-tooling time and down time due to misplaced hardware.

The 3" metal mounting bracket attaches to any flat surface with two screws. The reel itself has a 2" diameter and a chrome front cover. This item also has a lifetime service policy from the manufacturer.

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