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Key-Bak Super Duty 48 Key Reel with Belt Clip (S48-SDK)

Product Price: $13.72 ea. Sold in Packs of 12

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Part number: S48-SDK

    • Industrial Strength Polycarbonate Case
    • 2 3/4" Reel Diameter
    • 36" Kevlar Cord
    • Loads 15 keys or 13 - 15 oz
    • Comes with a Lifetime Service Policy from the manufacturers
    • Versatile back attachment is both belt clip and loop.
    • Robust case fabricated of durable polycarbonate material.

Key-Bak Super Duty 48 Key Reel with Belt Clip (S48-SDK)

The Key-Bak Super Duty 48 Key Reel with Belt Clip, part number S48K, is an extra large 2 3/4" wide heavy duty key reel with an industrial strength polycarbonate case built for janitorial and maintenance duties, law enforcement, identification access control, and more.

This heavy duty badge reel features a heavy duty 36" kevlar cord and a simple locking mechanism that makes it ideal for hanging heavier objects that wouldn't be able to normally fit on a badge reel. With a retraction force rated between 13 - 15 oz, the S48-SDK can carry up to 22 keys without a problem.

The belt clip on the back can be modified to a belt loop attachment for added security by installing the spring loaded locking pin, enclosed. These will have no problem keeping your IDs, keys, and small tools readily available from your hip area. Key-Baks exclusive quick-draw extension allows this ID badge reel to perform tasks with superior strength and speed you have to see to believe.