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T-Reign Large Heavy Duty Retractable Locking Gear Tether with Attachment Loop (0TRG-43X)

Product Price: $24.95 ea. Sold Individually

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Part number: 0TRG-432

  • Designed and Assembled in the USA, Lifetime Service Policy
  • Quick Disconnect Feature and Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
  • Rugged 48? (1.2 m) Kevlar Cord
  • Locking system
  • 8 oz. (225 gm) Retraction Force
  • Stainless Steel Clip, Easily Lock Reel in Position
  • Part Numbers: #TRHDCL (Rotating Steel Clip), #TRHDST (Loop Strap) #TRHDCA (Carabiner)

T-Reign Heavy Duty Retractable Locking Gear Tether with Attachment Loop (0TRG-43X)

The T-Reign heavy duty retractable gear tether with attachement loop, part number TRHDXX, is our largest T-Reign to date, sizing in at 2 1/4" in total circumference. It comes fully loaded with rust, weather and impact resistant hardware made out of a polycarbonate case that makes it a great accessory for the outdoors.

These heavy duty gear T-Reign tethers have a 48" kevlar cord with a 10 oz retraction force, and a unique innovative locking system on the right side to keep the gear at your desired length. Simply attach your items through the stainless steel loop and you'll be able to keep your GPS, multi-tools, tape measurer, and more, right by your side for easy access while you're on the go.

The T-Reign heavy duty badge reel comes with three different attachment options for you to choose from: The rotating steel belt clip (TRHDCL), a hook & loop strap (#TRHDST) or a steel carabiner (#TRHDCA). Each one of these T-Reign gear reels come with stainless steel spring and hardware, and a quick disconnect gear attachment hook. If you need to unbuckled your items from your T-Reign, simply pinch the flaps above the steel loops together and pull. To reattach, simply buckle it back in until you hear it click.

They also come outfitted with a safety breakaway end fitting that will disengage from the retractable reel at approximately 25 lbs. of force. These T-Reign outdoor badge reels come with a lifetime service policy from the manufacturer and are proudly designed and assembled in the USA.