10 Ways this Touchless Door Opener Tool can Protect You from Germs

10 Ways this Touchless Door Opener Tool can Protect You from Germs

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to disrupt lives around the world, health is at the forefront of peoples’ minds. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people should clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces — tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks — frequently. But what about the surfaces you can’t control? Store door handles? ATM keypads? Button door locks? 

SpecialistID has a solution: The Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool. Designed to prevent the spread of germs by avoiding touching certain surfaces, the solid brass tool is a life saver in this era of pandemic health risks. 

no touch door opener tool

Need further proof? Here are 10 smart ways the touchless key tool can protect you from germs.

  • Avoid door handles
  • On any given day, think of how many people touch a public door handle. While you could just carry a baggy of sanitizing wipes in your pocket and scrub every door handle you meet, why not avoid touching them all together? 

  • Flush a toilet
  • We’ve all likely used the old foot-flush hack in a public restroom. But, frankly, isn’t that just adding to the filth on a public toilet? Keep your feet firmly planted and use the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool instead. Just hold it between your thumb and forefinger and push the flusher down. 

  • Get extra virus killing properties
  • Copper alloys — such as braise — have been known to kill viruses since ancient times. In fact, according to the Smithsonian Institute, scientists have discovered the novel Coronavirus dies within hours after landing on copper. These antimicrobial properties are part of the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool, another helpful element in the fight against germs.

  • Avoid touching keypad with the keypad extension
  • Use the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool as an extension of your fingers and never worry about touching another keypad again. Whether it’s at the checkout line at the grocery store or the gas station, by holding the tool you can hit the right buttons without exposing yourself to the previous shopper’s germs.

  • Hold the door for a friend
  • Right now the CDC is asking people to continue to maintain six feet of distance between them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be courteous. Using the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool, you can open even the heaviest of doors for someone else while still maintaining a thoughtful six feet of space. 

  • Type on a touchscreen
  • Have to use a community touchscreen to login to work or order at a restaurant? Don’t sweat it. The Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool works on most touchscreens, allowing you to stay far away from the germ-attracting devices while still effectively and efficiently handling your business.

  • Going up
  • Small enclosed elevator spaces already can feel like a germ trap. Why expose yourself further? Instead of punching your floor number with your finger, tap it with the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool instead. Going up will feel a lot less stressful.

  • Make a call
  • Need to borrow someone’s phone or use a public phone? Sure, speaker mode allows you to hold the device away from your face, but dialing often still requires contact. Tap the numbers with the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool to engage in as little contact as possible. 

  • Push a door
  • Just as you can pull a door open, you can easily push it open as well. Slip the ergonomic Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool through the handle and use your body weight to easily access the next room. There is no need to place both hands on the door thanks to this touchless tool.

  • Carry it everywhere
  • The beauty of the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool is its size. Small and compact, it can easily fit into your pocket or purse so you can keep yourself germ-free no matter where you are. 

    Just as masks have become de rigueur, so too will touchless tools designed to help people avoid questionable or high-touch surfaces. While the best practices for health and hygiene continue to be maintaining social distance suggestions, practicing good personal hygiene with plenty of hand washing, sanitizing and cleaning properly and regularly, and avoiding touching high-touch surfaces can be just as positive in the long fight to prevent the spread of germs. 

    At a low cost ($14.99), the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool is another resource to practice safe distancing. Small, affordable, and highly effective, not only does it make a great personal device to have on hand, but something to gift to the whole family. When employed regularly it can help diminish the risk of picking up any unwanted germs while without interrupting someone’s day.

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