Collection: Water Resistant Cases

Water resistant cases allow you to safely carry your most important valuables with you to beaches, pools, water parks, and more. Our special selection of water resistant ID badge holders are the best in the industry at protecting your ID and other valuables from the elements. Choose from waterproof cases, zip top badge holders, and more.

When choosing a water-resistant case for your IDs, passcards, documents, and other important items, its important to choose a case that is not only the size that you need, but that also is easy to use, convenient, and attractive. One might not think that something as simple and basic as a water-resistant case would have different features. Lets look at a few things that you should look for when choosing a water-resistant case for your needs.

Easy to Use Opening

Choose a case that has a large enough opening to easily get your items in and out with little to no trouble. One of the biggest complaints that customers have about a case after they have bought it is that the opening is either not large enough or that the method of opening it not what they were looking for. To make sure that you get a case that has a large enough opening, think about what will be put in the case. If its just a few cards and maybe some ash, then a slim style case is perfect. If, however, you are going to carry a cell phone, folded documents, or other heftier items, choose a wide mouth case that can let items slide in and out easily. The two most common styles of water-resistant cases are flip over and zip close.

FLIP OVER This style of opening features a hard case top that is hinged on one side and has a clasp, clamp, or latch on the other side. The edge of the lid or the mouth of the case, or in some instances both, have a rubber seal that protects the contents from water or dust entering the case.

ZIP CLOSE This style of case has a plastic or rubber zip style closure similar to what you would find on a freezer storage bag but much stronger. This style of closure is used on pouch style cases that are intended for carrying a few cards and other small soft items like cash.

Lanyard Style

Just as there are many different styles of cases, there are also different styles of lanyards. Ranking from retractable styles, neck look styles, and even breakaway styles, the right lanyard is important for the comfort, safety, and convenience of the wearer. While these three are the most common, there are also different styles that are perfect for specialized applications such as carabiner clamps, belt clips, and more.

NECK LOOP STYLE This is the traditional neck loop lanyard that we all know and love. These come in two main styles, flat (or ribbon style), and round (or cord style). They are perfect for general use applications where you want to ensure that the case will be safe and secure under your short, or otherwise close to the body. These are now a good choice, however, for applications where you may have to deal with heavy machinery or other situations where the lanyard getting hung or tangled on something may lead to potential injury. In cases such as these, its better to use a breakaway or retractable lanyard.

RETRACTABLE STYLE These lanyards feature an adjustable and tractable system that lets you take up the excess material when its not needed. These are ideal for applications where you need to have the security of a traditional lanyard with the convenience of an adjustable one.

BREAKAWAY STYLE This style is perfect for those applications where you might be at risk of injury of the lanyard or water resistant case were to get hung or tangled in machinery or other protrusions. These lanyards are designed with a unique connector at the back (top) of the loop which keeps it securely around your neck in most cases, but in the event of an extreme pull or constant pressure being applied, the clasp will separate to let the lanyard come free from the neck easily.


Just as you need to choose a case that has the right size opening for your items to easily be able to be put in and taken out, you also need to keep in mind the actual size of the case, both interns of the physical size, as well as the amount of contents that it will hold. Most smaller cases can hold a few cards, while larger cases can hold items such as a wallet, or a cell phone to keep them safe, dry, and dust free while on the go. Think about the ways that you expect to use the case, and select one that will fit your needs. You may even want to get more than one case size to accommodate the needs of the different roles you play in your professional and personal life.


They say fashion is passion, and while to may not give much thought to your water-resistant card case, you should. This is an item that you will be wearing every day all day in most cases. Choosing a case that works with your style of dress is as important as choosing the right cufflinks, or tie tack. Its always important to look your best, and that means making sure that your case is appropriate, attractive, and blends seamlessly into your wardrobe, the best part about our company is that our cases are so economically priced, and in many cases there are no minimum orders, that you can order a case with a different look to match all of your different fashion looks.
Now that you better understand what to look for in a water-resistant case, its time to go shopping. At Specialist ID our simple to use ordering options, no minimum orders on most of our products, and low budget-friendly pricing make it easy to get the perfect cases or cases for your needs. When you are ready to order, or if you need assistance before replacing your order please contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you with all of your ID case and lanyard needs.