Collection: ID Strap Clips, Pins and Magnets

Specialist ID offers an extensive collection of strap clips, pins, and magnetic badge holders. Our strap clips provide a straightforward and cost-effective solution for badge display. Pins are ideal for particular scenarios, offering a secure attachment. For those looking to avoid puncturing their garments, our magnetic badge holders present a perfect alternative, ensuring your ID is displayed prominently without any damage to clothing.

Having IDs Always On Hand

Having security in the workplace has become more important now than it was before. While most people are honest and decent, an identity thief or hacker can find their way in by posing as an employee or as a delivery person. They tailgate, or appear as a figure of authority to various employees. We can warn people not to hold doors for strangers and ask for ID from people dressed as inspectors.

IDs are one way in which we can increase workplace security. The main issue with IDs is making sure that employees will never lose them. If you are a worker, you want to ensure that you never lose the card that gives you access to your desk. For employees, they want to make sure that employees can conveniently access areas and identify themselves.

Why Wear ID Strap Clips

A strap clip’s strength lies in its versatility. You can use it to attach a work badge to a lanyard, a practical accouterment for the modern workplace. If lanyards aren’t your style when you like pendants and chokers, you can use the strap clips to attach your ID to your shirts, pants, or even your purse.

The other strength is that strap clips are tiny and unnoticeable. If you want to hold your work ID discreetly, then you can use a strap clip that vanishes into your shirt pocket and only shows what you need to access the office. This works for special occasions when you are wearing a costume for Halloween, or black-tie for a formal holiday dinner. No matter what you wear, the strap clip can connect.

In short, when you don’t want people to look at your work badge, you can use this clip to hold onto it. They’re also useful when you’re at a special event and a lanyard won’t work with your outfit. Whether wearing a handmade ballgown, a rented tuxedo, or even a bikini at a pool party, the strap clips will always come in handy.

Our Recommendations

When you want to show off your minimal side, Colored Vinyl Strap Clips are at your beck and call. These are best for your shirt collars and pockets, with two holes to adjust for varying ID badges. The clips are durable and come in six different colors. When you have to wear your badge all the time or show off your work ID, then these will greatly help.

Worried about shirt threads snagging on your clip? Never fear; the Clothing Protector ID Strap Clip With Rubber Tip is designed to prevent your clothes from fraying due to wearing an ID badge. Hang your ID without worrying about going to the tailor’s or getting a new work uniform.

If you want the option to attach your ID to your car keychain, this Converting Vinyl Strap Clip will do the job. Tight clips mean that your badge won’t get loose and fall.

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At Specialist ID, we are dedicated to helping you find the right accessories to assist with your workday and security. Our years of experience mean we will know what clip or lanyard is right for you.

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