Collection: Blank Card Stock

Specialist ID carries a large selection of blank card stock for your ID card printer. We are able to source many colors and styles with our US-based manufacturer. Specialty colored PVC, glitter and even sparkles enhance your loyalty program or standard ID badge.

Blank ID Cards

Specialist ID carries a large selection of blank card stock for your ID card printer. We are able to source many colors and styles with our US-based manufacturer. Specialty colored PVC, glitter and even sparkles enhance your loyalty program or standard ID badge.

Considering the wide variety of options, you might even think up some fun and funky ways to design creative ID cards. This might be perfect for those who manage startup companies and need a great way to stand out from the crowd. Anyone who has some specific ideas can of course always visit us at Specialist ID and see what sort of blank ID cards are currently in store.

Blank Card Stock

Look at blank card stock truly as a blank slate that you can use in whatever way you'd prefer. You're free to select whatever kind of material you want and then graft whatever sort of creative design on it that you'd like. That makes it an ideal solution for those that want to dress up their own corporate image and give their staff something to carry that has plenty of styles. Those who need material to print their creations onto blank ID cards can find printing ribbons here as well.

PVC Card Stock

PVC card stock is great because it's so durable, but that doesn't mean it's not compatible with most ID card printers. Take the classic standard collection of black PVC cards, which are glossy and should help to make a really great statement for your brand image. Direct to card and re-transfer technologies both work with these cards, so they're probably already the right choice for any of the equipment that you're already using.

No matter what kind of cards you're looking at, though, you'll want to think about usability features too.

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Even though magnetic stripes might be on their way out in the world of ATMs, that doesn't mean we've stopped carrying them. We serve as a one-stop-shop for this hard-to-find yet so important resource that so many businesses rely on.

Blank rewriteable magnetic stripe cards are capable of holding onto information even when their owners tuck them away into a wallet. These should work with any compatible Datacard card printers, so once again they're more than likely ready to interface with the gear you've already invested in.

Card Security Features

We all have that fear of a stranger being in the workplace. Phishing and confidential data theft have increased, thanks to industrial hackers. They either fake email addresses, install dangerous malware, or tailgate to enter a warehouse or office.

A hacker waits for someone to open the door and then sidles inside. They only need confidence, timing, and trusting human beings. They use psychology to project an atmosphere of authority.

We want to take steps to prevent someone from walking into an office, acting as they belong there, and walking away with important files. We can identify people delivering food or mail, but sometimes awareness needs a bit of help.

Keep in mind that security doesn't necessarily have anything to do with bad actors. There are any number of weather-related maladies that can give you grief just as easily as a computer cracker would.

Magnetic stripe cards are durable and reusable. Credit and debit cards use magnetic stripes to make purchases or returns. They have been in use for years, and they are a reliable technology.

In addition, the stripes are waterproof so you won’t need to worry about rain or an accidental spill in the break room hurting them. You just have to slide them into a card reader, and it’s easy as that. So why worry?

High-Quality Cards

ID cards are one feature that reduces the chances of strangers. You can get ones with programmed keys, or with stripes. Employees can use the IDs to enter locked workspaces and prevent intruders from entering. They more likely than not will know their coworkers and who should be in the office.

One benefit of ID cards is that they have a relatively low price point. You can buy several hundred for under twenty to fifteen dollars, and pay extra for special features such as Mylar adhesive. That makes them a viable cost option for any business. You can choose if you want to upgrade to the software, but you can also just use the cards.

In addition, having blank cards means that you have the option to create a neutral brand image or customized it. If you have a creative workplace, you can ask employees to personalize their cards. When working with kids, colorful cards can get their attention and reinforce the atmosphere of fun. In the case of banks and law firms, you can get official logos to identify your company.

Custom Printed Cards

Customers love valid rewards programs. For one, they have an incentive to return to your store. With loyalty rewards programs, you want to have a card available. That way, you can identify customers and track their points. Cards get rid of the reliance on a paper system or other people’s honesty. While apps can serve the same purpose, people often delete apps on their phones for varying reasons.

At Specialist ID, we want to help increase your workplace security and loyalty program satisfaction. Our customer service will assist in helping you choose the right card and software that you need.

Contact us online today to get recommendations on which blank cards will work for your business purposes. We are always happy to help.