Collection: Visitor Log Books

Organize your visitors’ stay in your facility in a logbook. Choose one of our paper or digital models to maintain confidentiality. Identify potential tailgaters or canvassers that want to waste your time and patience. A logbook will help with keeping track of visitors, especially those whose presence boosts your business.

Practical Sign-In Books

Are you a medical lab keeping track of walk-ins for blood draws? A law firm that wants to organize clients that will pay by the hour for expertise? Or are you a retail storefront that seeks to know your new customers’ names and how often they come? Whatever the circumstances, you want to know your visitors.

When you run an office, you want to know who is entering to make an appointment, and who is trying to sell office supplies off the street. If you have petty rivals, you also want to prevent their employees from arriving and taking photos of the premises discreetly. In the case of firms that do walk-ins, you want to track who arrived first, and who will arrive later, so that no one has to wait too long.

A logbook is one viable solution. Stores have used logbooks for decades to keep track of their visitors. The books have a history of keeping important records on ships. You may not have a literal ship, but your metaphorical one can remain organized.

Secure Visitor Sign-In Systems

Having a viable sign-in book or system will help with more than tracking visitors, and preventing a makeup lady from selling cosmetics in the reception area. You can match records when positive or negative events happen, identify who becomes a regular customer, and manage their level of access in your building.

We recommend always keeping track of who visits and who doesn’t. For offices that handle confidential information, engage in a specific authorization system. If you are renting in a building, see if a security desk can handle check-ins and look at worker badges.

What about when you have those petty competitors? You want to proactively handle these individuals potentially entering your workspace to grab any scraps of information.

If another patent firm wants to know what products you’re working on, as one example, they may want to know if a business mogul has scheduled an appointment. Or if you run a cupcake shop, the shop a few roads away may want to grab a free sample of red velvet and cream cheese frosting. You want to know if the freckle-faced college student in a uniform is working for your rival.

The worst could be if they grab the logbook and discreetly photograph it. This may happen in companies that otherwise keep track of their confidential data. If you are a tech, legal firm, or telecom company, then you want to ensure that you can keep your visitor names discreet to outsiders while using them to track.

If this problem occurs, we recommend the TEMPbadge Visitor Management System. Print out visitor badges and keep track of names using computers and stations. You can learn this system fast and teach to all your receptionists.

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Specialist ID wants to increase organization and security in your office. We want to help you keep your visitors safe, and keep track of them. You won’t lose anyone with our system.

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