• Custom Printed Photo ID Badge with placeholder photo and text. Includes a section for a logo at the top, a portrait in the center, and customizable text beneath the photo. Ideal for businesses utilizing professional ID card printing from our centralized database and production facility.
  • Custom Printed Photo ID Badge featuring a headshot of a man, labeled "Rafael Smith, Operations Manager," with a QR code and the quote "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work." Professionally designed using an Online ID Card Printing Service, the background has green, yellow, and white design elements.
  • Custom Printed Photo ID Badge with a photo of a woman, space for a logo, customizable text area, barcode, and the text "Since March 2021" and "Print 1-2." Our centralized database and production facility ensure professional Custom Printed Photo ID Badge printing.
  • Employee ID badge for Rafael Smith, Operations. Badge features a photo, company logo, and text: "Since March 2021" and "Print 1-2". Created using our Custom Printed Photo ID Badge service.
  • ID badge for Cindy Smith from the Operations department, employed since March 2021. Badge features a photo, Specialist ID Inc. logo, and "Print 1-2" at the bottom, produced through our Custom Printed Photo ID Badge service.
  • A green rectangle with slightly rounded corners on a white background, ideal for a Custom Printed Photo ID Badge.
  • Identification card for Lake City Human Resources featuring Beverly Armstrong, Procurement Manager, with her photograph and a barcode, produced by a professional Custom Printed Photo ID Badge service using a centralized database and production facility.
  • A Custom Printed Photo ID Badge displaying a person in a blue shirt gesturing enthusiastically, with placeholder text for an employee's name and position, and a company logo at the bottom. Ideal for professional ID Card Printing, this design is perfect for creating standout employee identification.
  • An employee Custom Printed Photo ID Badge for Cindy Smith in Operations, issued by Specialist ID Inc., with a photo, barcode, and text indicating tenure since March 2021 and print code 1-2, crafted through their professional ID Card Printing services.

Custom Printed Photo ID Badge

Custom Printed Photo ID Badge

$11.35 ea. $11.35 ea.

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  • Part number: CustomIDBadges
  • Flexible Design Options: Use our online designer or contact us directly to work with our team for ease.
  • Business-Exclusive Service: Tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, requiring company authorization for service initiation.
  • No Startup Costs: Avoid equipment and staffing investments with our efficient, cost-effective ID card printing solution.
  • Unified ID Management: Centralize the management of your ID cards across multiple locations for streamlined printing and issuance.
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Online ID Card Printing Service

Please note, our ID card service is only available to companies. We do not print personal ID cards. You must be an authorized representative of the company for which you are requesting ID cards for. We will not begin any design work or respond to an inquiries until one of the following has been provided:
1) Website from the company that clearly shows your position in the company or
2) Link to state division of corporations showing your affiliation with the company or
3) Contact us for other acceptable forms of verification.

Specialist ID offers our professional ID Card Printing Service to small and medium sized businesses/organizations that want to outsource and centralize their ID Card program. Our clients benefit from the zero startup cost of investing in, and staffing a full on-site ID Card program. Our online ID Badging service also offers organizations with multiple locations one centralized database and production facility to manage printing and issuing their ID Cards. Let Specialist ID's in house designers help you create your first ID Badge and then manage re-orders quickly and easily by submitting your employee picture and information online. With our quick turn around, you will receive your ID Badges promptly and securely in the mail.

Design online or contact us directly and let our team take the lead.

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