Collection: Expiring Badges

How would you know if someone has overstayed their welcome at your facility? There’s always a chance that someone who gets issued a legitimate visitor pass will try to either stay past their authorized time limit or leave and re-enter at a later date. This poses a serious security risk for those in the healthcare industry as well as anywhere else that has to ensure that only authorized personnel has access at any given time.

Expiring badges will alter themselves in some way over a period of time, so your staff will be able to identify anyone who has attempted to use an old badge to re-enter your campus after its allotted time is up. These are especially vital for anywhere that badge reuse might be a concern.

For instance, some people might be able to surreptitiously acquire a badge by going through a wastebasket in the hopes of finding something that would let them in. You won’t have to worry about this problem when your visitors use an expiring badge.

Extra Security Provided by Expiring Badge Technology

Check out all of these following products if you’re looking to improve internal security and drastically change the way your organization keeps itself safe.

Self-expiring Time Token Indicators

Since they come in boxes of 1,000, these time token indicators are great for organizations that often receive a large number of visitors on a fairly regular basis. Visitor management is vitally important regardless of what kind of group you’re in charge of, so you’ll want to stock up irrespective of your current security procedures. Best of all, they’re easy to use since you only have to add a set of bar back parts for these to expire on their own.

One-day Expiring Adhesive Backpart Set

If you’ve invested in T610X preprinted one-day front parts or perhaps T6161 thermal printable front parts, then this box of 1,000 fan-folded adhesive back parts is going to make your job much easier than you might even imagine. Once a badge starts to expire, it’ll display red diagonal lines through the front pieces in order to let your staffers know that the badge in question is no longer valid.

One-step Quick Tab Timebadges

Quick-tab expiring visitor time badges visually change around 12-14 after they’re issued. The word void gradually appears along with red lines, which allow your staffers to pick out anyone who has attempted to stay too long or reused a badge that’s already been issued in the past. Since these don’t require additional components to work, they’re a great option for busy organizations that can’t dedicate too much time to the assembly of individual badges.

Self-expiring Visitor Temp Badges

Those who are looking for something even simpler will want to investigate these self-expiring visitor badges, which automatically display red lines after a day to show that those who have them are out of time. They’re sheeted and offer a slot hole that allows you to use them with a standard clip.

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