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Custom Printed Badge Reels

Custom printed badge reels from Specialist ID can be fully personalized. This practice is a great way to display text or company logos, enhancing any professional image easily.

With our online designer, you can quickly customize your badge reels and order online. Plan ahead for special events, or for when your business needs a change. Production time ranges from 10 - 14 business days.


Benefits of Badge Holders and Reels

When you wear a badge, you can identify yourself in the office or outside of it, and promote your company proudly. What’s more, you can assert, “I belong here,” if anyone asks. The film Hidden Figures shows this when the “three computers” who work at NASA, who are all black women geniuses, show their large IDS to a passing policeman when their car breaks down. He takes interest and escorts them to NASA headquarters once they get the car started and ready to drive.

Many workplaces use cards as ID, for pragmatic reasons. If you are an employer, a work badge increases security in the workplace. When you have confidential documents, security becomes a priority. While you can warn employees to not allow others to tailgate into sensitive areas, they can use their ID automatically to enter their workplace and make safety part of their routine.

Your work ID badge needs to last a long time. Getting a replacement can cost time and money. No one wants their work badge to wear down, especially if they need access to confidential areas. Having a badge holder means you’ll always have your work ID on you.

Having a reel is also important because they attach your work badge to your lanyard. They let you retract your badge, or dangle it at any length. Otherwise, an employee will feel discomfort.

Badge and ID holders also increase your work badges’ shelf lives. Time, sunlight and grime can batter the laminated cards, and ruin any magnetic strips or codes they have to let you access your office. Plastic windows and holders take the brunt of this wear and tear. You can replace a badge holder more easily than you can replace an ID card.

Why A Custom Badge Holder?

For another, custom badge holders can increase security at a business. It’s harder for a hacker to replicate a brand image or style if the company has a unique design for their ID holders. You can also decide if you want RFID protection from hackers who would skim the information remotely or if you want waterproof holders for rainy days.

Custom reels can also help. They can assist with retractable badges, and keeping them on hand. You can choose if a badge reel will display the company logo or palette colors. Having them on hand will also help if badge holders wear down.

Also, aesthetically speaking, the badge holder can match the company branding. Employees will promote their company every time they wear the badge and reel outside the workplace. A reel can show off the company logo and is more prominent. In contrast, people have to crane their neck to read a lanyard.

For either party, badge holders also come in useful when attending events or conferences. You can keep your work ID around your neck, and protect it from the rapidly moving crowds. Also, you can show where you work. It’s an easy way to promote yourself, whether you are showing off your expertise in an industry or recruiting new employees.

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At Specialist ID, we can help you choose the right custom badge holder for your case. Our experts can assist you in finding a suitable size, arrangement, and color palette for your budget. Reach out to us today.

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