Collection: Stethoscope ID Tags

Stethoscope ID tags are a popular accessory and let you write in your name to quickly identify which one is yours. Many people customize these stethoscope tags to add a personal touch, such as engravings. You can let Specialist ID custom print your logo directly on the name tags, which is useful when hiring residents and a new batch of interns.

Hearing Lung Power

The stethoscope is a revolutionary device that lets doctors hear heartbeats and breathing through the lungs. Before, doctors would either have to place their ear to a patient’s chest or hold a lantern or mirror to their nose and see if the surfaces misted. These methods are obviously unreliable.

A stethoscope is designed so that the wearer can hear the heartbeat, and modestly investigate irregular rhythms. That way if someone is knocked unconscious and doesn’t appear to breathe, a stethoscope can identify if the person is alive and give them the medical treatment they need. Doctors also check abdomens and listen carefully.

Since its French origins, many advances have ensued. A group of doctors from Orlando has developed the HeartBuds, a stethoscope that is meant to connect to a smartphone, record patients’ heartbeats and analyze them over a longer period of time. Some engineers have even designed a 3D printer stethoscope that can be printed efficiently and assist regions with scarce medical supplies.

Why Stethoscope Accessories?

An ID tag is useful in the clinic and the hospital. On a stethoscope, it’s often placed around the neck area or directly on the tube. The patient and other people must be able to see it. If the wearer is a medical student, internist or resident, they want to make sure the stethoscope has an identifying feature so that the devices don’t get mixed up. More often than not, the students have to buy the equipment out of pocket.

Hospitals, in general, require personnel and visitors to wear designated ID. That way, in a hectic workspace, they can keep track of everyone and maintain a high standard of health. Nurses can find designated doctors quickly. Even outside of the hospital, you want multiple options in addition to ID badges.

Let’s consider the HeartBuds or the 3D-printed stethoscope. Suppose you want to reduce the chances of losing either item, especially if you work in an area that has shortages on supplies. An ID tag can put a name to either device, which makes identifying them easier in the case of misplacing them. This is especially important in chaotic environments.

In addition, ID tags signify accountability. Doctors help patients by caring for their health, but they hold life in their hands. Many doctors advise treating nurses and orderlies with respect because the little people make a hospital run well. They are right; nurses will identify doctors, and you would rather prevent any problems. Interns can track their progress report if people know who they are. They can learn, and improve in the profession.

ID tags can also reassure patients. In pediatrics, kids can practice reading their doctors’ names and get to know them. Adults can make a note of the best general practitioners and specialists to take care of them.

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Specialist ID wants to increase security for your workplace and home. That is why we are happy to sell the stethoscope ID tags. If you want to purchase in bulk or choose custom orders, then our experts can help.

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