Collection: Standard Badge Reels

Standard Retractable Badge Reels come fitted with a clear vinyl strap for sliding through slot punched photo ID's or keys, and a clip on the back of that can pinch onto a shirt, lapel, bag, belt, or belt loop. These are the most popular and affordable badge reels in the industry. Their wide range of colors appeal to many different age groups and working environments, from schools, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and more. 

Standard Id Badge Reels

Standard Badge reels improve organization and workflow within the workforce. Equip your employees with ID badges and badge reels in order to create a safe space within your business or organization. We also recommend providing guests with visitors passes, this way you have control over who gains access into the building and who doesn’t.

Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip

Clip-on this badge reel onto your belt loops, handbag or shirt pocket to sport your credentials. Badge reels give you the flexibility and liberty of moving around without your ID badge getting in the way. This badge reel with swivel spring clip is available in five colors including black, blue, red, white and gray. All of these colors will blend well with your uniform and will not hinder the formality of your attire.

Retractable Id Badge Reels

Badge Pulley

Retractable badge reels are very convenient if you must swipe or scan your ID card before gaining access into the workplace because you can pull your ID as far as 28” in distance, quickly scan and then draw it back into your person, this reduces the chance of losing your credentials and saves you time.

Silver Chrome Plastic Badge Reel With Belt Clip

This elegant badge holder is made from polished silver chrome. Wear it for a tradeshow or conference meeting to go with your business attire. You can clip it on your suit, belt loop or pocket securely due to the belt clip on attached on the back.

Rectangle Retractable Badge Reel With Rotating Swivel Clip

This heavy-duty retractable badge reel has a rotating swivel clip on the back so that you can place your ID badge at any angle you wish. The retractable cord will pull away from you at a maximum length of 34” so you can easily show your credentials. The ample surface allows you to place your company logo on top, visible enough for people to be able to recognize it.

Equip Your Employees with Badge Reels From Specialist ID!

At Specialist ID, we offer accessories and supplies to provide your business with the tools for success. From lanyards to badge reels, and badge holders to badge buddies, at Specialist ID, we’ve got it all. Did you know you can also customize your own badge reel? Make it official and get your company’s logo printed on it!
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