Collection: Slot Punches

Slot punches puncture a small hole in an ID card. Attach your IDs and badges to lanyards, chains, badge reels and more. If you're in a business where employees are required to wear ID's, then having slot punches can really come in handy.

We carry a variety of slot punches. Old-school handheld card slot punchers will suffice for minimal users. Heavy-duty table slot punches can assist moderate users. Electric powered slot punch machines work for giant crowds and larger companies.

Choose the model best suited for your business needs. Specialist ID can help you pick the right slot punch for apt security.

Benefits Of Slot Punches

Regular hole punchers cannot suffice because many IDs and cards are too thick and risk breaking the tiny devices. You need a puncher that is meant for handling thick plastic, and that can align the holes neatly.

Slot punches work to provide additional security for IDs. Many employees wear IDs around their necks or off their belt to avoid fumbling for it. You want to make checking into an office building or opening a key card lock more convenient for these employees.

Slot punches, by adding an extra hole, can make all the difference with convenience. You can also use a hole-punched badge with a holder, and in fact, connect them together. This tiny innovation can prevent IDs from falling out of their holders. Keep them attached to your work lanyard with ease.

When your employees are running into the office to beat traffic, or clocking out to lunch, they will appreciate all of the holes in the center. Why do slot punches work for offices or storefronts? Because they can help with contractual or temporary employees. If you run a giant store, you want to identify your employees with ease. Being able to issue badges quickly, with slots for lanyards, is a priority.

Do you need pinch-hitters for the holiday rush in December? You can quickly issue badges to a new group of employees and let them hit the ground running. Are you hiring interns for managing corporate events? The slot punched cards will make sure they don’t misplace their credentials. What about a business that travels with customers? Slot punches can help by keeping track of everyone on business trips, tours, or routine mass inspections. No one will lose their cards thanks to the convenience.

Consider the cruise ship industry. Thousands of guests ride on a ship per day, and they use their cards to log purchases, leave and reenter the boat at ports, and earn potential loyalty points. Most of these cards arrive for guests on company-brand lanyards.

But what if a badge holder isn’t enough for travel? Having a slot punch that can accommodate the guests will make all the cruise employees breathe easier. Especially when traveling to different countries that occupy the same body of water, port customs will take less time. Consider how some special events also issue temporary badges to identify attendees. These can include exclusive parties, holiday gatherings, and concerts. You want security to have an efficient means of issuing out temporary badges or cards. That way the guests can wear around their neck and produce if asked. In short, you can streamline security without sacrificing integrity using a slot punch. Identify unauthorized individuals at workplaces and at events easily.

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Contact us today to learn more. Specialist ID can assist you with finding out what slot punch is good for your company or special event. Punching holes in cards doesn’t have to be a long gold game; you can aim for a hole-in-one.