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Hand-Held Slot Punch with Adjustable Guide (3943-1010)

Hand-Held Slot Punch with Adjustable Guide (3943-1010)

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  • Part number: 3943-1010
  • Hand-Held Slot Punch with Adjustable Guide
  • 1/2" x 1/8" (13 x 3 mm) punch slot
  • Punch up to 20 mil plastic cards with ease
  • Reach of 1/4" from the edge
  • P/N 3943-1010 or P-10
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Our hand-held slot punch with an adjustable guide, part number 3943-1010, is a great tool if you're working in an environment where you have to distribute ID cards for employees, customers, students/staff, etc. If you're going to invest in a slot punch, you couldn't find one more handy, heavy duty, and easier to use and store than the 3943-1010.

This Simple handheld slot punch creates a [1/2" x 1/8" (13 x 3 mm)] directly into your photo ID card, which you can then place on a strap clip or badge holder to your liking. To use, simply line up the adjustable guide on your card to position it exactly where you'd like the punch hole to be, and push the slot punch together with you hand and it punches a hole through your card much like a manual paper hole puncher.

For fun I tried out how many punches I could do, and by my 75th punch my hand started to get tired and sore, and although I could have continued, I still wouldn't recommend using this 3943-1010 for more than a few dozen punches at a time because it does get tiresome.

For example, if you need to slot punch some cards for about 30 children in one classroom, you would be okay using this, but if you needed to slot punch 30 cards for each student, but there are 7 different periods of classes coming through your classroom each day, you'd probably run into some trouble.

This product can also be substituted with JAM part number P-10 which is the same item

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