Collection: Visitor Parking Permits

At Specialist ID, we sell visitor permits and tag holders for your business’s benefit. You can keep track of people that park in designated spaces, and ensure that they don’t leave their vehicle in your space overnight.

Why Do You Need Parking Permits?

In urban areas, populations are spiking. People move to the big city to get new jobs, enroll in universities, and get a clean start. They also may bring their vehicles with them because not all areas have reliable or efficient public transportation.

Where will the vehicles park, when the streets are busy? Not everyone can afford a permanent garage. Street meters can also prove hazardous, potentially.

When you run a business with a parking lot, you want to ensure that you can track visitors who come for appointments, job interviews, and repairs. That way if you need to follow-up, records exist as a reference. If you rent space in an office building, you want to track people who sign in at the main security desk and take the elevator up to your office.

Visitor parking permits prevent all these headaches proactively. You can have security guards issue these permits, some that are set to expire after a day, and keep a log of who used which tag. If you want to review candidates for a position, you can check if they arrived on time or early for their screening.

Also, you can prevent unknown drivers from parking and then leaving their vehicles in the designated lot or garage for several hours. While this activity isn’t necessarily dangerous, it can prove inconvenient to visitors who are trying to make their appointments with you on time. Having permits means that you can count how many visitors are in the lots, and take down plate numbers in the case of parking violations.

If you don’t have a lot, then space in the street or parking garages could also benefit from a user permit. Or, if you are hosting a special event, you can use permits for festivals and outdoor concerts, to ensure that all the guests who arrive know where their cars are and that they paid any necessary fees. Parking restrictions are no joke, especially for large crowds.

Benefits Of Parking Permit ID Holders

What about when you already have issued the permits? Your employees, to beat the morning traffic, will just want to park and run inside to clock in for the day. If you are a university, you want to ensure that upperclassmen and faculty can maintain access to the various parking lots. Or if you want to be fair to drivers with handicaps, you want to ensure that they can present their

Tag holders can assist vetted employees, students and more to preseve their permits. Many natural elements can erode the plastic, and that is an inconvenience when a person needs handicapped parking.

Reach Out To Specialist ID For More

Are you ready to standardize your parking? It will prove valuable, especially when you share office space with other companies and firms. Our experts can assist with deciding which permits or tag holders will work.

Please contact us today. We can make the right recommendations for your business. Parking is a hassle, but we can make it more convenient for you.