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Luggage ID Tags and Accessories


What To Know Before Traveling

We all want to hold onto our luggage when traveling. Twenty-first-century airports enact strict rules about what can and cannot go onto planes, and when we need to check in our bags. We need to put all our liquids in plastic bags. All nail clippers and files need to stay at home.

The baggage claim can become a stressful guessing game. Which suitcase is ours? Which isn’t? Paper luggage tags may rip and what if you pick up the wrong standard bag?

We all can’t invest in the brightly color personalized suitcase. The most affordable ones are standardized and come in neutral shades. You want to identify yours so that you can leave as soon as possible.

What about if your luggage gets lost and sent to another place? That has happened, or in some cases, if you’re a musician, your violin or guitar gets smashed. If you need to find your precious items, you want to make sure that you can identify them.

In the worst-case scenario, pickpocketing may ensue. Someone will walk by, momentarily distract you, and leave with your wallet. You may not even notice until you rummage through your suitcase, trying to find that important document. Pickpocketing has gone down over the years, but you will want to take precautions when leaving the airport to head to living quarters.

How do you keep your things safe, and identify them as yours? How can you attach locks if necessary, to save your clothes and toiletries? The answer is much simpler than you may think.

Why Do You Need Luggage Accessories?

Luggage accessories exist to assist you with the hassles of traveling. They come in handy when you need to prepare for the baggage claim, or take proactive steps against thieves and pickpockets. That is why Specialist ID is happy to carry these items for your benefit.

When you need to check in your suitcase, a luggage tag readily identifies it as yours, and brightly colored ones are highly affordable. While some places offer free tags, you run the risk of getting cheap ones that can fray and fall apart easily. That’s why it’s best to but your own.

At Specialist ID, one of our favored tags is the Rigid Plastic Luggage Tag Holder With 6" Loop. It can attach a name and contact information to your luggage, and you can use extra ones to hold your photo IDs for the long line. No need to order a minimum amount either; only purchase what you need for your trip or multiple trips.

To keep all the important tags attached, you need to have durable material. That’s why we recommend the Nickel-plated Steel Ball Chain for when you want to attach your luggage tags firmly.

What if you want to avoid metal? That’s not a problem; you can also use rubber or thick thread to attach your tags to your suitcases. The 6" Plastic Loop Straps can assist with that. Use them to attach your luggage tags.

Learn More About Luggage

Specialist ID prioritizes your security and selling items that can keep your personal belongings safe. We know how to help you prepare for travel.

Contact us today. We can make recommendations on what tags to buy for your luggage, and what will increase security.

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