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ID badge reels with belt clip, swivel clip, alligator spring clip and more. Conveniently reach your ID, keys and small tools with retractable ID badge reels and tethers. Available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Badge reels are a key piece of equipment for teams in a wide range of industries wherever ID badges are used. Badge tethers and id badge reels are frequently worn by nurses, doctors and hospital staff, in universities, restaurants, and many more professional settings.

Many workplace environments require visible display of credentials, but retractable badge reels offer something that other types of ID holders do not usually offer. Badge reel users can access cards and tools on the end of reel comfortably and without having to worry about misplacement; once the task is complete, the ID documents, access card, key, or tool will smartly retract back to their original position.

Badge reels are useful because:

* They are convenient to carry magnetic access cards in buildings that have secured areas. Badge reels for nurses, for example, can hold cards that let them access intensive care units, laboratories, pharmacies, and surgical rooms.

* They eliminate time spent when accessing and storing access cards and ID documents.

* They prevent loss of cards, keys, and tools.

* They allow quick access during emergency situations.

The following is a buying guide to help you choose the right badge reels for your business.

Types Of Badge Reels

Badge Reels For Nurses

Retractable Badge Reel

For Nurses, we recommend retractable badge reels. Retractable badge reels allow you to gain access to different departments within the hospital building in a quick and efficient manner. Simply swipe, scan or show your badge to a security guard without having to remove your ID from your person. This reduces the chances of misplacing your id badge and helps you be more time efficient.

ID Badge Reel

An id badge reel like this one can be a serious game changer, especially in times like these in which nurses and doctors must gain access to different buildings in a timely manner because lives depend on it. Keep your ID clipped onto this badge reel and you’ll be ready to be on the go!

Carabiner Badge Reels: A Great Choice For Work Teams Of All Kinds

Carabiner badge reels are some of the most useful tools you can find when you are looking for a way to store ID cards, badges, badge holders, access keys, tools, and similar items. It is easy and simple to clip one of these carabiner reels onto a belt, book bag, backpack, toolbox, or utility belt. These carabiner clips will keep your badges within easy reach at all times. For teams who need to work in environments that require them to wear gloves, these clips are a great option because they prevent accidental dropping of cards, keys, and tools.

Translucent Reels: Fun, Stylish Badge Reels

Translucent badge reels come in a wide variety of colors that can be helpful for organizational or aesthetic purposes. If you like to color code your departments or workplace sections, these reels give you an easy way to take care of this. Each of these translucent reels comes with a swiveling clip that lets you pull the badge in any direction. This is an easy option for people who wear jumpsuits, or uniforms with lapels. All you need to do is punch a hole in the card, or use the hole in a card wallet to connect your material to the reel. The smooth retractable mechanism offers a consistent and strong pull that is snag-free, and reliable.

Since translucent badge reels look stylish and interesting, they are often chosen by business owners who operate trendy stores and restaurants. These badge reel holders are typically issued to servers and bartenders who work at the sidewalk bistros along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach; they use them to enter the kitchen, place orders, or access the point-of-sale system.

Standard Badge Reels With Flair And Fashion

This is a super simple no-frills option for professional teams that need badge reels. Clip it onto a bag, belt loop, lapel, shirt, or anything else that would make a standard retractable badge reel accessible and convenient.

The reel mechanism is simple and reliable, but the design varies. For example, a crystal rhinestone design might be perfect for fun places like amusement parks, fancy restaurants, nightclubs, fashion boutiques, or department stores. For medical teams or staff members who wish to raise awareness about cardiac health, the Heart-Shaped EKG themed badge reel is a fun and stylish option.

To add a little flash and class to your business, try a gold retractable reel that really gets the attention of others; this is a popular option at corporate offices, law firms, and hotels. The gold badge reel has a high-quality reflective surface designed to last a long time; it makes a great choice for catering staff and for brands that like a little flashy fun.

Key-bak Retractable Reels: Perfect Badge Reels For Tough Conditions

Most badge reels are for casual use and display of ID documents, but if you need something tougher and more reliable, your best bet will always be Key-bak retractable badge reels. Key-Bak is a brand with 60 years of manufacturing experience. This is one of the most popular choices for industrial teams that need durable, strong materials that will be able to handle rough environments and hold more than just ID documents and access cards. Key-Bak reels are built with polycarbonate cases and strong Kevlar cords. Sometimes, law enforcement teams use these reels to carry items such as keys and small tools that are much heavier than access cards. To get an idea of how strong the retraction is, you should know that this reel can handle 22 standard metal keys without problems, thus making Key-Bak badge reals a favorite among janitors and maintenance crews as well as law enforcement and military units.

Key-bak Badge Reels With Lanyards: Good For Trainers, Gym Coaches, And More

This sporty Key-Bak badge reel is on a retractable lanyard that is perfect for trainers, coaches, referees, and any professional who needs a hanging badge display plus reel combo that is ready for action. Use this for keys, cards, whistles, flashlights, USB drives, and any equipment that you need at the ready at a moments notice on the job.

Many people prefer to have a badge reel that is secure against their belt loop. If your team member carries materials that need to be accessible at all times than belt clip badge reels become a good option. If you carry other heavy gear on your belt, this is a good, long-lasting durable reel option. Security guards are often issued this badge reel because it looks better with their uniforms.

A quick note on something that makes Key-Bak badge reels special: All of Key-baks many reels are designed and made in the USA using quality materials. They are confident enough in their products to offer a lifetime service warranty to users.

Heavy Duty Badge Reels For Skiing And Other Sports

Skiers and mountain rescue units need heavy duty badge reels for access cards, mountain passes, competition lanyards, tickets and simple tools and gear. These reels need to be tough enough to prevent any damage from harsh outdoor weather, and rough and tumble use. T-Reign Medium badge reels have a strong retracting mechanism that is strong enough for any badge or access ID card. These badge reels can handle flashlights, Swiss army knives, and small electronics weighing up to 6 ounces. The stainless steel spring hardware makes this badge reel weather resistant, and anti-corrosive.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Badge Reel For Your Staff

If you need assistance with selecting the perfect badge reel for your business, Specialist ID is here for you. We have supplied numerous corporate teams and business owners with badge reels that are convenient, durable, and ideal for their workflow. Contact us today to learn about your options for quantities, customization, use cases, and more.