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KEY-BAK Mid Size Retractable ID Carabiner (6CID)

Product Price: $12.99 ea. Sold Individually

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Part number: 6CID

    • 1 3/4" industrial strength polycarbonate case
    • Newly upgraded zinc alloy carabiner attachment
    • 36" polyester cord
    • Loads 5 keys or 6 oz retraction
    • Comes with a Lifetime Service Policy from the manufacturers

Key-Bak Mid Size Retractable ID Carabiner (6CID)

The Key-Bak mid size retractable ID carabiner, part number 6CID, is a member of the Key-Bak "6 Series" mid size badge reels family. It's 36" polyester cord is great for swiping ID cards, but also strong enough to reel 5 keys, multiple ID badges, small tools, and anything that weighs up to 6 ounces.

The carabiner will fit snugly around any belt loop or bag strap. Afterwards, snap your items inside the clear vinyl strap and the 360 degree rotating swivel clip will let you pull it smoothly, in any direction.

This is just as heavy duty as the Original Key-Bak Classic, but at 6" in total resting length and a radius of 1 3/4" radius made out of an extremely tough polycarbonate material, is only stealthier. This badge reel is designed and assembled in the USA and has a lifetime service policy from the manufacturers.

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KEY-BAK Mid Size Retractable ID Carabiner (6CID)