Collection: Vertical Badge Buddies

Badge buddies provide instant role recognition and are quickly becoming popular in hospitals around the world. Quickly identify your staff by title, including RN, Doctor, Nurse, LVN, LPN and more. With badge buddies, both staff and patients will know who is in and out of each room or building. Both the text and color coded badges help make recognition quick and easy.

Vertical badge buddies improve workflow and organization within hospital departments.

Imagine that you’re working in an extremely busy medical facility and there are people running down the hallways in every which direction. You need to find someone who is a registered nurse or perhaps an LPN. How would you be able to find them in all of this calamity, especially when other people are trying to look for other similar types of medical professionals?

Naturally, you’d just refer to the vertical badge buddies that everyone in the facility wears to let people know what their function is. These handy guides attach to an existing ID card to show other personnel what their job is at-a-glance, so they’ll know who to talk to in an emergency.

Anyone who needs to ensure instant recognition can rely on badge buddies to broadcast their position to the world. At Specialist ID, we have an entire collection in stock that can all show your crew who everybody is, even if they’re working under fairly extreme circumstances.

Perhaps the most common ones you’ll come into contact with are those designed specifically for the nursing staff.

Vertical Nurse Badges

In a busy hospital or ambulatory, you’ll usually find doctor badges as well as a collection of ones for technicians and other personnel. However, the ones you’ll see the most and that are often deemed the most vital are those geared toward nurses.

Vertical nurse badges are a great way to clearly show both doctors and patients who the nearest available nurse is. Those who need access to immediate care can simply look at a badge and see that the individual in question has the appropriate credentials for the job.

Larger facilities are sometimes overcome with security issues, and this is a great way to put a stop to these as well. For instance, a plan where vertical badge buddies are deployed to your entire nursing staff will make it obvious if anyone doesn’t belong. People wouldn’t be able to misuse credentials since everyone would be issued specific tags that clearly identify them as an employee of the hospital in question.

At the same time, many facilities have also found it useful to divvy up the nursing staff by seniority or by the particular function that each individual performs. In these cases, you might want some specific badges that showcase the class of nurse in question.

LPN Badges

A licensed practical nurse is able to work alongside registered nurses, mid-level practitioners and regular physicians, so it’s very useful to issue LPN badges that show which individuals have gotten to this level. Those who have can be assigned a badge buddy that illustrates their status and proclaims they have the right credentials to perform specific tasks.

At the same time, you might want to issue specific badge buddies to anyone who is a licensed RN or holds other credentials as well. Hospitals employ many individuals who aren’t regular doctors and nurses, including physical therapists and other specialists.

If you need to get a large collection of vertical badge buddies to show off each individual’s status, then use our online contact form today and get the materials you need from Specialist ID Inc.