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Education systems thrive on organization and communication. When teachers and professors are well equipped, they can quickly and easily communicate and create a positive learning environment for students. Lanyards, badge holders, badge reels, and many other products help cultivate an environment in which student success is achievable. Lanyards and badge holders are a great way to keep track of credentials, passes, ID badges, and other important information. They help create a visual cue that lets everyone know in the school community who the teacher is or emergency contact information.

Additionally, our products allow students and faculty to feel safe in a secure environment because they can quickly identify and keep track of the people walking in the halls. This is especially true with special visitor management products, like visitor lanyards or self-expiring badges. You can also use this opportunity to boost your school pride with customized lanyards or badge reels. Print your school’s mascot, name, or colors onto your chosen accessory and watch how your school becomes a family. If you’re looking for a way to make your school run more smoothly and efficiently, look at these listed products.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Is it recommended to use breakaway lanyards or non-breakaway lanyards in the classroom?

Whether in kindergarten, high school, or even college breakaway lanyards are a must. They ensure that your ID badge stays securely attached while guaranteeing your safety. Children love adventure and roughhousing, but sometimes it can go too far and put them in danger. Using breakaway adjustable lanyards instead of standard lanyards can protect your child from getting caught in the school bus, playground equipment, or being pulled by another child. Breakaway lanyards are adjustable to fit any size for comfort and come in various colors and designs to fit your child's unique personality. 

2. What are the benefits of an expiring visitor badge?

Self-expiring badges are a great tool to implement extra security precautions.The badge is valid for 14 to 16 hours. If a visitor forgets to check out or leaves your facility with their badge on, it will self expire, rendering the pass useless the next day. This makes it easy to identify unauthorized personnel. 

3. What's the benefit of badge reels for teachers?

Badge reels are a vital tool for industries of all kinds.Retractable badge reels easily connect to your belt, lanyard, shirt collar, etc., and include a retractable nylon cord for timely use. Badge reels also increase security because employee IDs are easily visible for swift and trouble-free identification. This makes it easy and convenient for teachers or professors to navigate the campus and easily be identified by students or security. 

4. Is an ID Holder necessary for students?

Most schools require their students to always keep their school IDs on them. These IDs are necessary to gain access to the lunch line, borrow a book from the library, enter the school, and for proper identification and safety within the vicinity. It is very easy for them to drop or misplace their ID somewhere. To guarantee that your child's school ID does not get lost in the shuffle, consider keeping it attached by our standard ID badge holder.