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Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo (2138-700X)

Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo (2138-700X)

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Part number: 2138-7001

Color: Black
Navy Blue
Royal Blue

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  • Lanyard and Badge Reel Combined
  • Keeps ID Visible and Convenient for Swiping
  • Reel Diameter 1 1/4"
  • Width 5/8"
  • 36" total circumference, hangs center chest for displaying your ID badge.
  • Part Numbers: 2138-7001 Black, 2138-7004 Royal Blue, 2138-7003 Navy Blue, 2138-7006 Red, 2138-7008 White, 2138-7005 Orange, 2138-7007 Green, 2138-7009 Yellow, 2138-7010 Maroon
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Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo (Retractable Lanyard) (2138-700X)

The Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo, part number 2138-700X is perfect for any profession where an employee needs to visibly display an ID card that they also use for swiping. This paired duo provides the convenience of a badge reel, yet the functionality of a lanyard all in one, which is why this product has quickly become one of the most sought after items in our store.

This wide (5/8") tubular lanyard is comfortable to wear and has a soft spongy feel to it and features a breakaway device that will snap apart if the lanyard gets caught or pulled too hard, which can then easily be snapped back together. To use, simply attach your Photo ID Badge or badge holder to the vinyl ID strap on the badge reel, and it will be ready to go.

The cord of the reel extends up to 34", so it offers enough reach to easily pull your ID card towards your reader from the badge reel, and the reel will then roll back into its idle position on its own, and remain right where you need it. Although the lanyard does provide a breakaway feature, it has a firm enough grip to prevent the lanyard from snapping apart when the reel is being used. The lanyard is 36" total circumference, so it should hang right in the center of your torso, above or close enough to your belly button for displaying any photo ID or other credential.

The reason why the 2138-700X breakaway lanyard ID holder badge reel combo has become such hot commodity is because many people prefer to swipe their ID cards without having to disengage their card or remove their lanyard. In cases like these, a standard lanyard can limit the availability of your ID badge. Also, the lanyard ID holder with a badge reel hangs your ID badge clearly in front of your torso above the belly button area for easier visibility to your important credentials that can also be used to swipe, whereas the standard badge reel is usually attached to a pocket or belt and generally hidden from plain view.

If you are looking for an easier way to display your photo ID card around your chest so that it remains visible at all times, yet need to easily swipe your ID badge multiple times a day, to open doors, swipe at access terminals, or punch in and out, you and your business will save valuable time with this amazing product that was specifically engineered by ID professionals to fulfill those needs. Available in Red 2138-7006, Black 2138-7001, Royal Blue 2138-7004, White 2138-7008, Navy Blue 2138-7003, Green 2138-7007, 2138-7005 Orange, 2138-7008 White, 2138-7009 Yellow and 2138-7010 Maroon. Specialist ID has the largest selection with no minimum order restrictions, so order exactly the color and quantity you need. To take advantage of our quantity discounts, you will have to order the required quantity of the identical color item.

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