Collection: Armband ID Badge Holders

Specialist ID has the largest selection of armband ID badge holders with no minimum order requirements for all of our most popular styles. Arm band badge holders let people in active working environments visibly display photo identification from their arm while retaining a wide range of motion and flexibility. Because most arm badge holders protect ID's from the elements, they have become a favorite among airport ground crews, fire crews, warehouse employees, law enforcement officials, and first responders to name a few. With an arm band badge holder, people operating heavy machinery wont have to risk their lanyard becoming caught or snagged. The Velcro armband straps will adjust to fit any size.

Choosing the right arm style ID badge holder is important for a wide variety of reasons. Arm style I'd badge holders got their start in the military and associated fields. In that environment, there is a tactical advantage to having your ID handy and visible at all times, and the arm is the best place to have it secured and out of the way, yet easily able to be seen and scanned. Soon the value of this continent setup was adopted out in the rest of the world, brought into corporate America, law enforcement, first responder medical, and security industries by veterans who were used to the idea.

Now arm style ID badge holders are commonplace, and they come in a wide variety of styles and offer various features. Let's take a moment to look at some of the more popular models that we carry here at Specialist ID. We will point out some features that they offer that you may not have given much thought to, and hopefully when we are though you will have a better idea of what to look for when you are ready to purchase an arm band ID badge holder for yourself, or for your team members.

Glow In The Dark / Retroreflective

For environments where visibility of the wearer and the badge are needed in low light conditions, glow in the dark and retroreflective arm style badge straps are a great idea. These holders let the badge be seen easily in light-limited environments, and also help to ensure the safety of the team members wearing them by making them a bit more visible while they are moving about.

Safety Orange Coloring

Popular for use in locations where high visibility of staff and team members is essential such as road crews, heavy machinery areas, and more. This added bit of safety orange HI-VIZ on the body may be the difference between an incident-free workplace, and a dangerous environment where a costly and unfortunate accident is just waiting to happen. Safety orange ID badge holders are available in reflective and non-reflective styles to match your needs.

Vertical or Horizontal Format

We carry a wide assortment of armband style ID badge holders in both horizontal and vertical formats. This lets you choose the right style for your particular ID badge format. We also carry holders in oversized and square formats for specialized applications.

Order Arm Badge Holders Online with Specialist ID

If you are ready to place your order, then why not contact us and let us help you through the process. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions that you may have about armband style ID badge holders and accessories. We carry a full line of ID badges related products such as badge buddies, retractor reels, swivel belt clips, lanyards, and more. No matter if you need a big order of custom printed lanyards for your entire team, or a single waterproof case to wear on your next convention or trade show trip, we are your go-to supplier for all ID badge and small carry along document protection needs.