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Specialist ID offers a large range of solutions for managing visitors in your facility. This crucial step in securing your place of business, study, recreation or worship should not be overlooked. You want to track your visitors, for safety and logistical reasons.

We have both expiring and non-expiring systems for logging and identifying visitors. Some of these are tailored for schools, while others work for any business or government building. If you need help with any of these options, such as expiring badges, please feel free to contact us.

Visitor ID Management System

More than likely, you’ll want to think of your deployment of id badges and other cards as a form of complete visitor management system. Depending on what sort of gear you plan on working with, it might be best to start out small and build from there. Consider something simple like a full set of reusable visitor passes with clothing friendly clips.

Your guests might not warm up to wearing a badge, because they’re concerned about the possibility of one damaging the clothing that they’re wearing. If this is ever a problem, then these are a great solution since they’re designed to work with their clothes and avoid damaging them.

Those who often have to work with larger parties can opt to get them in sizes up to 25 packs. You’ll also want to look into some way to provide a certain level of visitor management directly in your lobby area.

Lobby Visitor Management

For instance, you might want to consider thermal printable one step quick tab time badges if you have a good number of people passing through your lobby on a fairly regular basis. These will expire in time, which ensures that people aren’t going to be able to enter into your facilities when they no longer have the authority to do so. They’re also ideal for those who are concerned about the possibility of people fishing through the wastepaper basket in the hopes of finding a badge. should anyone do this, then they’ll find that it no longer has any functionality.

In many cases, even your restroom has to be managed to at least some degree. You’ll want to invest in some sort of keychain, like these heavy duty large passes, that will ensure that people don’t abuse their privileges.

Visitor Logging & ID Badges

Over time, you might want to phase in a more complete visitor logging system. Those who’d rather forgo the complete digital route can invest in a solution like this non-expiring visitor badge set and accompanying log book. One of the big benefits of this kind of a configuration is that you won’t ever have to worry about it not working if the power were to go out or you were to suffer any sort of sudden hardware failure.

Eventually, you might still wish to migrate to a digital logging system. Should this day come you’ll still find plenty of reasons to work with manual badges. You could even invest in one of the various thermal printing based technologies so you can be sure that you’ll get everything interfaced properly.

Keep in mind that your business is completely unique, so any solution that you plan on adopting will end up being just as unique. Don’t try to shoehorn yourself into the same sort of box that dozens of other companies might find themselves in. There’s a good quality visitor management solution that will fit your existing workflows well no matter how they might have been handled in the past.

Why Do you Need Visitor ID Badges?

In an ideal world, people would not take advantage of employees at workplaces. But it happens; someone unauthorized comes and leaves with confidential information, or they try to gain entry to sell products door-to-door. You have to make sure no one tailgates to access a locked door, by following a legitimate employee.

A visitor log and ID badges are more than performance security. Photos can help you identify people that use multiple aliases. The badges and tracking systems tell you who did and didn’t come into your workplace. If an incident happens, such as theft or altercation, you can identify the instigator and ban them from the building, warn employees, or even seek restitution.

Former criminal Frank Abagnale was living proof that you need reliable badges for visitors to secure your workplace. As he recounted in his memoirs, and Leonardo DiCaprio reenacted in the film Catch Me If You Can, he learned that if you wear the right suit and project confidence, people will mistake you as a figure of authority and trust you with money.

At one point, he posted as a student newspaper journalist and interviewed Pan AM executives about their procedures for pilots. This interview secured him the information he needed to pose as a pilot and fly for free. This fraud led to him stealing millions from the company and $2.5 million in total during his criminal career.

Imagine if the airport where Frank interviewed the executives had signed him into the log or told him to get a visitor badge, complete with a photo. While he wrote a fake name every time, they might have found the pattern. He would have been caught much earlier stealing money from customers.

Even if you aren’t worried about these risks, it’s good to log who does and doesn’t come to your office for easy follow up. Say that you are interviewing candidates for a position, or checking on patients who need constant monitoring. Knowing who visited on which days can keep your system organized when emailing candidates to reject them or make an offer, or notifying patients when they need to return.

Specialist ID’s Recommendations

When you have a need for high security and an effective deterrent for intruders, these Self Expiring Visitor Temp Badges last only a day. Use them in hospitals and other secure workplaces to provide quite temporary access. The red lines on the back of the badge will appear after a day, making the entire card useless.

In some workplaces, parking in a secure lot is a commodity rather than a given, depending on how many cars want the spots. This Clear Rigid Vinyl Horizontal Parking Pass Vehicle Hang Tag Holder will help security guards identify unauthorized vehicles and their drives. Distributes and hangs in a vehicle easily, and is light and convenient. It’s also a good way to tell visitors if the lot fills up quickly and they need to pay for meters or a nearby garage.

Do you want to do more and customize your cards? Say no more with the Tempbadge Visitor Management System. Connect with your receptionist computers to print out badges on a daily basis. Use to design your visitor IDs, arrange photos, and set expiration dates. This device is easy to learn and easier to use.

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